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8 Ways to Score Freebies

Freebies?  Where?  Who doesn’t love free stuff?  What more if you get free stuff doing nothing?  Well.. here are 8 ways to score freebies.  Not all of them are free doing nothing.  Some needs a little bit effort which doesn’t require a significant amount of your time.

Attending a Grand Opening or a Convention:  I remember when I was still working in Beijing.  A retail store opened in our office building and as a way to show our support, we went there on the first day and spent about an hour of our time to listen to what the store is all about.  At the end of the talk, they gave each person RMB 50.  Some grand opening offer discounts or will give swag items.  My sister got a canvas bag from Uniqlo when they opened in Chicago.  When I joined my sister on a dental convention in Anaheim, I got a lot of dental stuff to bring home.

Enroll in loyalty programs:  My mother-in-law asked me to purchase some items at Bath & Body Works as Christmas presents, I’m planning to claim my 3 free products this weekend.  At Walgreens, my online purchases for my friends earned me Walgreens cash, which my husband happily spend in-store.  Head to the store you normally frequent, check if they have loyalty programs and join.

Scanning receipts for gift cards:  Since you go grocery shopping or buy stuff online or even eat out at restaurants.  All of those receipts can be converted to points.  Earn enough points and you can exchange them for gift cards.  Two apps that I’m using regularly are Fetch Rewards and ReceiptHog.

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Fall Schedule of my Favorite TV Shows

Yes! It’s September! That means the long hiatus of my favorite TV shows is at an end. I’ve been binge-watching again all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m on Season 5. So if you want to know the reason I’ve not been writing, it’s because of that. I’ve also been watching documentaries and some movies.

Have you heard that Grey’s Anatomy gig for one of their superfans? NiceRX is looking for a superfan to binge watch all 369 episodes of the show this summer. The catch? They need to tally who saved the most lives. Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey. I would say it’s Miranda Bailey. Why? Reason #1: Meredith was stuck in bed most of Season 17 due to COVID. Reason #2: Miranda Bailey was a resident when the show started while Meredith was an intern. They didn’t do much saving but more on assisting. Reason #3: I haven’t reached that season yet but I recalled Meredith disappeared for a few episodes when Derek died. If you want to apply for this job, head to

So which shows are my favorites and when are they coming back?

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