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Duck De Chine

Happy Birthday Maya!

It was Maya’s birthday last May 15 and she treated us for drinks at Aria. Lots of people and free-flowing drinks. Maya look beautiful and glowing. Marco and her were joking to each other that they’ll have babies together. It was a fun night but my stomach overruled my plan to stay.

So, I stayed till 830pm and left with Ken & Bianca. They both introduced me to Duck De Chine. This restaurant is located in the hidden city at the back of Pacific Plaza in Sanlitun. The surroundings is quite nice and would be perfect for a garden wedding. It has a homey feel and serenity that is hard to find in a bustling city like Beijing. The ambiance inside the restaurant is one of elegance and quiet beauty. Brown bricks, red lamps, champagnes in cabinets and black cloth tables. This would be the duck place I’ll bring my visiting friends.

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Kempi Deli’s White Chocolate Mousse Cake

May 28 seems to be a good day for birthdays. 3 of my friends celebrated their birthday (Bambi, George, and Cesar). George is my colleague and what’s a birthday without a cake. Since Steak and Eggs iquite far to pick up my favorite cheesecake and Kempinski Hotel is closer, I thought why not buy a cake from that place. I’ve heard reviews that they have one of the best cakes in Beijing. So I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to try and add it to my list of places where I can buy good cakes.

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