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Kempi Deli’s White Chocolate Mousse Cake

May 28 seems to be a good day for birthdays. 3 of my friends celebrated their birthday (Bambi, George, and Cesar). George is my colleague and what’s a birthday without a cake. Since Steak and Eggs iquite far to pick up my favorite cheesecake and Kempinski Hotel is closer, I thought why not buy a cake from that place. I’ve heard reviews that they have one of the best cakes in Beijing. So I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to try and add it to my list of places where I can buy good cakes.

So after a horrible lunch at UBC Cafe, I walked 20 mins to Kempinski Hotel. You might be thinking what the heck am I doing.. I just want to try and check how far do I need to walk to reach the new subway line which will open next month. Anyway, when I reached Kempinski, there were a lot of Koreans in the lobby. I’ve never been inside so I don’t know where to go, I asked a porter and he told me to go straight and right. So, I went straight and right and almost missed it. The cakes there all look delicious. They have Black Forest, Chocolate Fudge, White Chocolate Mousse, Fruit Topping Cakes and more. The price tag? Y148 for a 1 pound or was it 1.5 pound cake. I’m not sure. All of them are Y148.

When I got back to the office, we sang happy birthday and he made his wish. He cut the cake for everyone to taste and the verdict? Yummy! I can still feel the taste of the soft white chocolate mousse in my mouth. I could say it’s one of the best cakes I’ve tasted in Beijing. Everyone was asking where I bought it and I told them.. Kempi Deli.

So.. if you want good special cakes, go to Kempi Deli at Kempinski Hotel in Liang Ma Qiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing. They don’t need to pay me for this ad coz their product speak for itself.

Happy Birthday George! Happy Birthday Bambi! Happy Birthday Cesar!

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