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Train Travel in China

China has an extensive network of railroads which make travelling easy and cheap. It is the preferred mode of transport by students, migrant workers and backpackers. It can be your worse nightmare or a very relaxing and pleasant experience. Trains usually depart and arrive on time unless there’s an accident or repair works going on.

There are different types of train which differ by speed traversing throughout China. They are the “D”, “Z”, “T”, “K” and the normal number train. “D” and “Z” trains are faster trains and can be purchased 10 days in advance. You can also purchase roundtrip tickets for these trains but the advance purchase restriction still apply. The “T”, “K” and number only trains are slower with frequent stops and can be purchased 4 days in advance normally one way only. It is also common for train stations to sell tickets to individuals who don’t mind to stand throughout the journey. These normally happen during weekends or special holidays.

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