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Olympic Tickets anyone?

Opening Ceremony TicketsWe’re down to 43 days till the start of the 29th Summer Olympiad and what’s the hottest commodity in town? OLYMPIC TICKETS!!!! Everyone wants one and those who have it are selling it for profit. So, which exactly are the most sought after tickets??

Opening ceremony : They only draw this in Phase 1 and a person can only apply for 1 ticket. Only 91,000 spectators will see the live show directed by Zhang Yi Mou at the Bird’s Nest and Chinese are paying top money to witness it. My friend and his friend both won 1 ticket each with a face value of RMB 800 and are selling it for RMB 30,000 each. I’m not sure if there will be someone who’ll buy it but I’ve heard people who would pay for more than that.

Athletics Aug. 21 evening games : What’s so special about this event? It’s the 110m hurdles and the favorite Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang is pressured to win the gold medal. The face value of the tickets are RMB 800/400/200. A friend’s friend was able to sell 3 tickets with face value of RMB 800 @ RMB 20,000 each. That’s ridiculously expensive! The same friend who has the opening ceremony tickets is also selling two of them for RMB 10,000 each.

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