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Beijing Starbucks Tumblers!

Starbucks in Beijing is almost in every corner like in Manila. They are usually overpriced but still steaming with people. I have two cousins who collect Starbucks 4 bj tumblers items as a hobby. One of them collects city mugs while the other collects tumblers. They told me to keep them informed of any new mugs or tumblers or if I visit another city, to buy one if there’s a Starbucks there.

So.. how much does a Starbucks tumbler cost? RMB 95 or US$13.50 or Php617.50. Crazy right? But we each have our own fetishes. My cousin who collects tumblers has more than 40 of it already and she’s always checking the internet for new ones. So when I informed her that there are 6 new tumblers in Beijing, she asked me to buy 5 of them.

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