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What Is This Dish?

funny-menu-bloopersFor a person traveling in a country where they do not speak the same language, it is difficult to relay what you want to say or do. One major headache especially in China even for me, is ordering dishes in a restaurant. Not all restaurants have English menus and if they do, the translation doesn’t help. If you look at the picture I got from another website on the right, you will know what I mean.

A friend of mine experienced going to a restaurant where they have different prices for English and Chinese menus. He said if you can’t read the characters on their promos, you might miss something cheap.

As we are 42 days away from the Olympics, the government translated 28 pages worth of dishes into English. These menus are available for free to restaurants with 3-star ratings and up. If you’re planning to travel to China, I suggest you have a look at this link to print the menu or list down the food you want to eat in order to lessen the confusion and dissatisfaction in your part.

Happy eating!

One thought on “What Is This Dish?

  1. I thought of this problem about a year ago and made a website for foreigners traveling to Beijing called It has bilingual menus and maps for some of the best restaurants around the city.

    I’d love to hear your feedback about the site or a review if you had time!

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