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Pilferage at Beijing Airport

Have you ever lose anything valuable in your life? Sooner or later, you would do so either by theft, leaving things unattended or forgetting where you left it. We normally see signs to never leave our valuables unattended. However, what can we do if this theft happened at the airport?

A friend of mine went home two weeks ago. He checked in as business class and his luggage had a lock. When he arrived at his destination, he found the lock broken and some items missing from his luggage. The thieves pilfered his Chinese CDs and brand new mobile phone. He was pretty pissed off as he can’t believe the nerve of the thieves taking something from someone who’s in business class. Did he recover anything? Nope not even a cent. The airport manager did apologize to him though.

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Beijing Olympics.. here I come!

beijing2008_logo_08 With only 39 days to go till the Olympics, is Beijing really ready for their big coming out party? It’s been a week since I last saw the sun. I’m feeling depressed already as everything is gray and gloomy. I hope they can improve the environment because it’s not gonna be a beautiful Beijing without the blue sky.

Anyway, here are some changes which is in effect during the Olympic and Paralympic period. Most of them are already annoying and a lot of foreigners and businesses are not happy.

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