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New Concept: Toilet Dining!

toilet1When the dark restaurant became a fad in Beijing, my Friday dining group went to one of these restaurants to experience it. It was relatively expensive as the waiters need to wear night vision goggles to lead you to your table and serve your food. You order and pay for your food at the lobby area and leave your things in the locker before they lead you to your seats. It was messy, fun and quite an experience. You get to appreciate more those who were born with visual difficulties.

toilet2 In China Daily online yesterday, they showed some photos of a new concept restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. This concept? Toilet Dining. It doesn’t mean that you dine in the toilet but the chairs are replaced by toilet bowls and the table has a sink below it. The dishes are served in bowls shaped like a toilet bowl.

toilet3 One comment online was it was a funny concept but he wouldn’t want to try it. But hey! think of the convenience this will give you. You’re in a new country where your stomach is not used to the food and you suddenly have the urge to go to the bathroom. No need to go far as you’re sitting on one! Hehehe!

So, will you try this new concept restaurant? I would just for the fun of it. 

On the other hand, my brother just told me that this concept is not new.  Apparently I’m behind the times as he already received an email before with some of these pictures.  He only said that the dishes in the toilet bowl are the new ones.  *sigh* Why can’t I report something new?


7 thoughts on “New Concept: Toilet Dining!

  1. Dont think this will ever work in India… we have a concept that we dont serve with our left hand (specially for the righties) … Because it is left to the work for washing and cleaning – and other unholy duties!! 🙂

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