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How Ninoy Saved Me From The Chinese Authorities

It was a cold Monday morning in Lanzhou, Gansu when Bambi, her mom and I were waiting for Marco’s torch relay. He was number 207 and would passed by in our area by 1052am. We took off from our hotel at 430am 500 pesoarmed with a stick, stools, snacks, water, camera and video camera. We were quietly waiting for Marco to arrive when the police came and ask us to move back from behind the barricade. We didn’t have a choice as we don’t want to be sent back to the hotel. So, we moved back and tried the camera and video camera again from a higher ground. After half an hour waiting in that area, we were asked by the police to open our bags. In Marco’s mom’s bag was a Philippine flag. The policeman who searched her bag looked like he won a million dollars. You can see his eye lit up as if bagging the ultimate prize. A mob of policemen then drag us and ask us to stand near the wall. After checking all our bags, they lead us to a mini-van and asked us to go inside of it. The policeman asked me to hand in Marco’s camera and I was trying to show him there was nothing in it that’s damaging or incriminating. However, he just motioned to me to give it to him and go inside the van.

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