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Taxi! Taxi!

taxi2 To accommodate the needs of people with disabilities during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Chinese government recently introduced taxis which are wheelchair accessible.  These taxis, they say are similar to London taxi cabs.  However, the colors are either navy blue and yellow or white and yellow.

I happen to see one last weekend and they are cute!  They look like the cars in the 60s which looks new and shiny.  These taxis are made by the local car manufacturer, Geely.

Just like the regular taxis, the flag down rate is RMB 10 for the first 2.9 km.  Afterwhich, the rate is RMB 1 for every 500 meters.  When the meter reach RMB 50, the rate changes to RMB 3 for every 1 kilometer.  However, the meter will change RMB1 for the first 500 meter then RMB 2 for the next 500 meters then back to RMB 1 again.  At night, the flag down rate is RMB 11 for the first 2.9 km.  Night rate starts from 11pm to 6am.

taxi1 If you’re coming from the Beijing Capital International Airport, you will pass by a toll gate which costs RMB 10.  The taxi driver will initially pay for it but the passenger will then pay for the cost once they reach their destination.

If you encounter any problems with your taxi, take note of his/her taxi registration number and the telephone number to call which are on the dashboard of the front passenger side.  Ask for a receipt as well at the end of the journey.

Note: There are illegal taxis plying around the airport, subway stations and major tourist spots who are targeting naive tourists.  They don’t have a meter nor receipts and the price should be haggled even before you set foot inside the taxi.

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