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Will You Close The Window?!?!?!

When I wrote my blog regarding 10 things I hate about China, it was spring.  At that time, the weather is still cool that there’s no need for air-conditioning.  Now that it’s the peak of summer, air-conditioning is a relief to the scorching heat of the sun.  However, in China, most of them seem scared of the cold.

A couple of days ago, I was lucky enough to ride an air-condition bus home.  It was hot and humid and I badly need something cool.  When I entered the bus, it felt heavenly.  However, when I sat down behind a Chinese guy, he suddenly yanked open the window so wide and let the humid air in.  I was so annoyed so I tap his shoulder and asked him to close the window.  He replied in Chinese, “I moved to this seat because I want to open the window.  I’m scared of the cold!”  I was fuming inside and was contemplating banging him in the head and say “This is an airconditioned bus!  If you hate the cold, you shouldn’t ride this bus!”  I didn’t do it but I almost did.  Maybe next time I will.

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