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Will You Close The Window?!?!?!

When I wrote my blog regarding 10 things I hate about China, it was spring.  At that time, the weather is still cool that there’s no need for air-conditioning.  Now that it’s the peak of summer, air-conditioning is a relief to the scorching heat of the sun.  However, in China, most of them seem scared of the cold.

A couple of days ago, I was lucky enough to ride an air-condition bus home.  It was hot and humid and I badly need something cool.  When I entered the bus, it felt heavenly.  However, when I sat down behind a Chinese guy, he suddenly yanked open the window so wide and let the humid air in.  I was so annoyed so I tap his shoulder and asked him to close the window.  He replied in Chinese, “I moved to this seat because I want to open the window.  I’m scared of the cold!”  I was fuming inside and was contemplating banging him in the head and say “This is an airconditioned bus!  If you hate the cold, you shouldn’t ride this bus!”  I didn’t do it but I almost did.  Maybe next time I will.

In another instance, we were on the train back to Beijing from Zhengzhou.  My friend was seated in another row and was under the A/C duct.  However, the A/C wasn’t that cold and he was planning to take the fan he bought in Luoyang and use it.  The guy beside him, though, took another shirt out of his bag and wrapped it in front of him.  He was feeling cold?!  My friend was sweating!

Anyway, I asked my teacher why do Chinese hate the cold and she said that when they were young, their parents wrapped them up even during the summer.  That’s why they’re used to the heat and is scared of the cold.

I read from the news that they have people walking around the media center armed with a remote control just to adjust the temperature to cater to the foreign journalist needs.  They just told the Chinese journalists to bring sweaters for the cold.

So.. if you plan to live and work here, I hope you can endure the quirks of your fellow Chinese.


2 thoughts on “Will You Close The Window?!?!?!

  1. wala.. ganun talaga sila.. weird! pag-winter naman bukas sila nang bukas nang bintana para pumasok daw ang fresh air! as if merong fresh air sa beijing..

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