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Of Rehearsals & Security – Part 2

They held another dress rehearsal last Saturday for the opening ceremonies and nest1 this one was much better than Wednesday.  There were fireworks which made me giddy like a kid and the opening act was “WOW”.  I missed the opening act last Wednesday so I made it a point to really watch it that night.  I wasn’t disappointed, I will add that act as one of my favorites!  The broadcast show on the TV inside was much better this time but it’s so irritating to see “Not for Broadcast” on the middle of the screen.  I guess they’re paranoid because of Korea’s SBS TV Network’s coverage.

The show started at 8:08 pm.. and there was even a countdown with matching fireworks when the clock stroke 8:08.  No downpours marred the dress rehearsal so all acts were completed.  4 batches of fireworks were lit and the last one was at 10:02 pm.  According to the news, the fireworks they lit last Saturday was just a third of the fireworks display which we will see during the opening ceremonies.  I can’t wait to see the full display!  I heard they will form letters in the air just like in Sydney.

Earlier that evening around 6pm, the different provinces of China performed acts which represent their provinces.  It lasted for an hour and my friend was impressed with the Hong Kong dancers.

Security-wise, it was much stricter that day as nobody can get in the stadium without a ticket or the dress rehearsal ID with the person’s picture.  Cameras are still not allowed inside but is possible outside.

The place was packed to the brim and people were hungry.  The people in the stands were moving at a slow pace.  They can’t keep up with the number of people and their supplies ran out.  It would be best if they put a sign when they ran out of something so that those who are waiting would know that they don’t have it already and would think of other food to order.

Oh yeah.. did I mention the “disabled toilet” sign was changed to “accessible toilet”?  I was just like why the heck did they change it to accessible toilet?  They should have put “wheelchair-accessible” instead.

Another rehearsal tomorrow I really hope they open the subway near the Bird’s Nest already.


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