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Crocs China-Beach Limited Edition

Crocs China-Beach Limited Edition
Crocs China-Beach Limited Edition

Marco’s sister Bambi and her husband John arrived in Beijing yesterday and to welcome them, we had dinner in Wangfujing. As a shopping spot in BJ, we enjoyed browsing at the different stores in the walking street. In one of the several malls along the street, we found a Crocs store.

Bambi was gushing how the price of Crocs in Beijing is cheaper than in Manila and the US. (*hint* buy it here!) The sales lady approached us and said, they have a limited edition Crocs which supports the Chinese team in the Olympics. The price is half of the regular ones and the color is a nice blend of red and yellow (Chinese flag colors).

So, we all tried it out to find our sizes. They didn’t have a S and the XS was too tight with my foot. I came out empty-handed but John bought one for himself and two of his kids. Marco, on the other hand, bought a pair of Crocs which are on sale and came out wearing it as he said it’s too comfortable.

I went to another Crocs store today to buy one for myself, my sister, my dad and for Bambi. 🙂 She said the whole family will be wearing the same Crocs. Hehehe! As for that store, they still have the complete range of sizes for this edition. So.. what are you waiting for? Grab one for yourself. If you want I can grab one for you for my friend to bring back home.

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Fall Schedule of My Favorite Shows

It’s been quite hectic for me lately as I’m involved with the Olympics and with 1 day left, I’m glad I have a rest as they’re doing some last minute security sweep of the entire stadium. I hope there will be blue skies tomorrow as it’s still gray today. It’s quite depressing actually when everyone should be rejoicing already.

As summer is about to end and fall is about to arrive, I’ll be back with my routine of downloading the latest episodes of my favorite US TV shows. If I don’t download them, I’ll go crazy watching those Chinese sitcoms which I don’t even understand.

To start the fall schedule, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows will be back to attempt and destroy the Company in Prison Break’s season 4 on September 1. This will be followed by the sarcastic and drug-dependent House MD on September 16. On September 22, the cheerleader and the crew will be back in Heroes. We would also find out whether Lt. Horatio Caine is dead or not in CSI:Miami.

On September 24, Detective Mac Taylor and his CSI’s will be back solving crimes in New York City and on the 25th, we shall see whether Betty followed Henry or Gio. Season 13 of Amazing Race will kick off on September 28 and Grissom and his team will solve the murder of Warrick on October 9.

My two other favorite shows, Cashmere Mafia and Medium have yet to released their fall dates. I hope it will be sooner and not during mid-season which will be in January. Happy watching everyone!