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Beijing Olympics : Harry Tanamor’s Schedule

Harry TanamorI met Harry for the first time during the luncheon meeting hosted by Pres. Arroyo at the Asia Hotel in Beijing. My first impression of him was he’s a simple, humble man who doesn’t like attention and respects people. He has muscles which any man could envy but he looks so slim that a wind might blow him away. Well, what do you expect from someone competing in light flyweight division. They all can’t be more than 48 kg.

As for their group, there are 29 boxers and preliminaries will start on the 13th of August. 3 boxers drew bye and won’t see action till the 16th. For Harry, should he win all his matches, his schedule will be like this:

13 August 19:00 to 22:30 – We will see Harry in action against Manyo Plange of Ghana at 815pm (moved from 845pm).  Outcome.. Harry lost 3 to 6 against Ghana.. 😦

16 August 19:00 to 22:00 – Harry’s match would be the last one (Bout 191) for the light flyweight division for that day and is expected to start at 845pm against either Redouane Bouchtouk of Morocco or Paulo Carvalho of Brazil. [Note: I’ll be watching this match]

19 August 19:00 to 22:00 – Harry’s match would be the 4th (Bout 223) which is expected to start at 7:46pm against either Georgiy Chygayev (Ukraine) / David Ayrapetyan (Russia) or G Yampier Hernandez (Cuba) / Sherali Dostiev (Tajikstan).

22 August 19:00 to 22:00 – Harry’s match would be the 2nd (Bout 251) which is expected to start at 7:16pm against the winner of [Winston Montero (Dominican Republic) / Suleiman Wanjau Bilali (Kenya)] vs [Amnat Ruenroeng (Thailand) / Jack Willie (Papua New Guinea)] vs [J Serdamba Purevdor (Mongolia) / Ronald Serugo (Uganda) vs Jose Kelvin De la Nieve (Spain) / Luis Yanez (USA)].

24 August 13:30 to 17:00 – Harry’s match would be the 1st (Bout 267) which is expected to start at 1:30pm against the winner of Group A of which the heavy favourite is Zou Shiming of China.

It will be a difficult climb to the top. Harry will need our prayers and support as well as hope that his stronger competitors will be eliminated in the early rounds. So, let’s support our kababayan, Harry Tanamor! I hope that he can end our gold medal drought!


27 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics : Harry Tanamor’s Schedule

  1. I will! I’m praying that Harry will make it to Round 2 so my friend and I will be there to cheer him on!

  2. Claudine,
    If you see Harry Tanamor, please let him know his relatives in the
    United States will be cheering him on.
    I live in San Franicisco, California. I have not met him but have heard of his quest for an olympic medal.
    Thank you, Alma

  3. Go Harry! I have been tuning in to the olympics to watch his fight and to my disappointment, I have yet to see him in action. Thanks for the information and for sure I will be glued to the TV during his fight!

  4. is the on philippine time.. coz im in the United Kingdom and i really want to see this.. they dont show any pinoy athlete here you know

  5. We can’t do anything but really hope that Harry wins every time he steps in the boxing ring. I have high hopes that Harry would make it to the battle of gold. We may not have the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Jerry Penalosa, etc. but Harry definitely will display the spirit of truly fighting in the name of the Philippines as others claim to be doing when they fight. Whether Harry captures the gold or not, he is for me the true sports hero as battling against the world’s best is certainly incomparable than what other boxers saying they did for the country. I salute Harry more than any other Filipino boxers.

  6. Harry,

    All the best….Good Luck…may you be the answer to our long overdue Gold in Olympic Boxing. Philippines is always known to be a boxing nation…yet no good result still in the Olympic ring…I just wish Manny Pac can represent Phils in the Olympics…why not…if he really wanna preach patriotism…that’s probably the best thing that Pacman can do….

  7. Harry,

    Good luck and I’ll pray for you. I know were somewhat related and hopefully someday I’ll met you sa Pinas or maybe here in the US..God Bless you!

  8. geez that guy from ghana just countered the whole time.. we should have changed our tactics on round 3..

  9. he lost? how come i didn’t see this fight? is this philippine time bcuz im on american pacific time. was this his last fight? man that sucks!

  10. kay harry potter na lang tayo!!!
    o kaya yung classmate kong mukhang kabayo si harry formon!!!!

  11. badtrip, talo………. bakit ba hindi si manny paquiao ang ilaban naten? pwede ba yun o hindi na siya puwede for some reason?

  12. di pwede si pacquiao kasi professional siya.
    which doesn’t make sense kasi they let professionals in sports such as basketball compete.
    and besides, it wouldn’t be fair on the amateurs if they put pacquiao in the mix, it would be like letting micheal jordan (in his hayday) play against kobe bryant (in his highschool years). simply NO MATCH!
    another thing i’d like to point out is the scoring and style between amateur and professional is completely different.

  13. still doesnt make any sense….. isn’t olympics about the “best of the best” representatives of each country competing against each other?? and pacquiao DEFINITELY is our best of the best boxer….. pasencia na kung makulit ako, sobrang badtrip kase wala nang hope, for this olympics anyway….. no offense to the other athletes but boxing was our best bet, supposedly….. man… AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

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