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Beijing Olympics: Philippines Athletes’ Schedules

On my previous blog, I’ve posted the schedule for Harry Tanamor of Boxing. On this one, I’ll give you a recap of the athletes who’ve already competed and their outcome then the remaining athletes’ schedules.

In Day 3 of the Beijing Olympics, four of our athletes have already competed. Three of them bombed out while the other one has to compete on the knockout stages. Eric Ang of Trap Shooting competed in Day 1 & 2 ended up dead last in a field of 35. First-timer Hidilyn Diaz competed today in weightlifting under 58kg category and placed 11 out of 12 athletes. She was able to lift 85 kg in the snatch and 107 in the clean & jerk category.

James Walsh competed this evening in heat #2 of the 200m butterfly and finished first in his heats clocking 1:59.39. This time wasn’t enough to move on to the semifinal round. Mark Javier of Archery competed in Day 1 for the preliminaries and got an aggregate score of 654 to placed 36 in a field of 64. He will move on to the knockout stage against Kuo Cheng Wei of Chinese-Taipei on August 13, 3:30pm.

Should the athletes succeed in their matches, they would have to compete in several rounds to reach the gold medal match. Here’s a look at their schedule in the next couple of days.

Archery: Mark Javier

  • Round 1: August 13, 3:30pm vs Kuo Cheng Wei
  • Round 2: August 13, 3:56pm vs either Brazil or Korea
  • Round 3: August 15, 11:22am
  • Quarterfinals: August 15, 4:26pm
  • Semifinals: August 15, 5:05pm
  • Finals: August 15, 5:37pm

–> Heavy favorites to win this match are the Koreans.

Athletics : Henry Dagmil & Marestella Torres

  • Men’s Long Jump Preliminaries : August 16, 8pm
  • Men’s Long Jump Final : August 18, 8:10pm
  • Women’s Long Jump Preliminaries : August 19, 9:40am
  • Women’s Long Jump Final : August 22, 7:20pm

Diving : Shiela Mae Perez & Rexel Ryan Fabrega

  • Women’s 3m Springboard Preliminaries : Start order #6, August 15, 1:30pm
  • Women’s 3m Springboard Semifinals : August 16, 8pm
  • Women’s 3m Springboard Finals : August 17, 8:30pm

–> Heavy favorite to win is China’s Diving Ice Queen, Guo Jingjing

  • Men’s 10m Platform Preliminaries : Start order #8, August 22, 7pm
  • Men’s 10m Platform Semifinals : August 23, 10am
  • Men’s 10m Platform Finals : August 23, 8pm

Swimming : Miguel Molina

  • 200m individual medley preliminaries : Heat #2, August 13, 7:46pm
  • 200m individual medley semifinals : August 14, 11:10am or 11:16am
  • 200m individual medley finals : August 15, 10:48am
  • 200m breaststroke preliminaries : Heat #2, August 12, 7:28pm
  • 200m breaststroke semifinals : August 13, 10:50am or 10:56am
  • 200m breaststroke finals : August 14, 10:03am

Swimming : Christel Simms

  • 50m freestyle preliminaries : Heat #6, August 15, 6:43pm
  • 50m freestyle semifinals : August 16, 10:54am or 10:58am
  • 50m freestyle finals : August 17, 10:03am
  • 100m freestyle preliminaries : Heat #2, August 13, 6:36pm
  • 100m freestyle semifinals : August 14, 10:10am or 10:15 am
  • 100m freestyle finals : August 15, 11:04am

Swimming : Daniel Coakley

  • 50m freestyle preliminaries : Heat 9, August 14, 6:49pm
  • 50m freestyle semifinals : August 15, 10:03am or 10:07am
  • 50m freestyle finals : August 16, 10:39am

Swimming : Ryan Paolo Arabejo

  • 1500m freestyle preliminaries : Heat 1, August 15, 6:57pm
  • 1500m freestyle finals : August 17, 10:09am

Taekwondo : Tshomlee Go (Under 58kg) – August 20

  • Preliminaries : 11:45am vs Ryan Carneli of Australia
  • Quarterfinals : 4:15pm
  • Semifinals : 5:30pm
  • Repechage : 6:45pm
  • Bronze : 7:45pm
  • Gold : 8:15pm

Taekwondo : Mary Antoinette Rivero (Under 58kg) – August 22

  • Preliminaries : 10:00am vs Sandra Saric of Croatia
  • Quarterfinals : 3:30pm
  • Semifinals : 5:15pm
  • Repechage : 6:00pm
  • Bronze : 7:00pm
  • Gold : 8:00pm

*Photos lifted from Microsoft Philippines website.


12 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics: Philippines Athletes’ Schedules

  1. salamat sa mga blogs mo. sa’yo ko nalaman ang schedule ng mga atleta natin. salamat din sa mga blogs mo tungkol sa ilan sa mga kaugalian ng mga chinese sa kanilang sariling bansa.


  2. Thank you!! That was very thoughtful of you to find and post all that info. I’ve been looking for hours for the schedules they will be competing. Awesome 😀

  3. Actually, my brother told me to post it. It was a good way to pass time at the Bird’s Nest. Kaso lang sa gabi ko lang kayo mai-update.

  4. thanks for this post!:)

    its hard to look at the schedules at the official beijing games site and solar!:)

  5. and the 15th athlete from the philippines is harry tanamor… however, he already got eliminated..

  6. kuya tanxz sa effort mo…galing mo talga kuya sana bigyan ka nang gold s ginawa mo…roland fr taguig bicutan…

  7. Sayang naman…hindi pa nkapuntos si Go…Sana maski papaano walang mandaraya sa competition na ito…

    Go tonee….

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