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Beijing Olympics: Day 12 for Team Philippines

On the 12th day of the Olympics, Beijing is hot and humid. It feels like it’s going to rain the next day. As for team Philippines, Tshomlee Go will see action at 1145am against Ryan Carneli of Australia.

I don’t have any work in the morning so I’m glad to catch up some sleep. I’ve been waiting for the match between the two of them but wasn’t able to find the channel. I just check the results online and hope for the best.

Around 12 noon, the result came and Ryan defeated Tshomlee 1 to 0. I was so disappointed. I checked the blow by blow account and it seems that Tshomlee wasn’t able to hit his opponent. I was frustrated it seems like watching Tanamor all over again. Everyone was hyping that the boxer and the taekwondo jins have the best chances to get a gold but they’re nowhere near it. I hope Toni would do better this Friday.

According to the news, it seems like Tshomlee was defeated due to bad officiating again. It happened in Athens as well. However, was it really bad officiating? It’s like boxing when you thought you were able to hit your opponent and the judges didn’t see it. Anyway, he lost the chance to reach the Repechage stage as Carneli was defeated in the next round by Chutchawal Khawlaor of Thailand..

A loser of the preliminary round can still get a chance for the bronze if his/her opponent reaches the final stage. This was what happened to the Chinese Taipei guy who was also touted as one of the medal contenders. He lost in the quarterfinals but was able to fight in the Repechage stage as the person who defeated him reached the finals.

As the Olympics comes to an end this Sunday, we have two more athletes to go. On Friday, August 22, we will see Ryan Rexel Fabrega in the 10m platform diving. He said his goal is to reach the semifinals. We would also see another taekwondo jin, Mary Antoinette Rivero, take a chance to win the elusive gold medal in the under 58kg at 10am.

Let’s pray that we would end up with a medal. Till tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics: Day 12 for Team Philippines

  1. ouch, I’ve waited for this match but sadly, the Philippine opponent wins. :(, don’t know how the fight goes but i saw deduction pts. when i looked at the scores. very low score. 1:0.

  2. actually may chance pa sana kaso lang yung kalaban niya natalo sa next round. kung umabot sa mga final rounds, puwede siyang lumaban sa repechage and if he win there, he’ll get bronze.

  3. never mind. BUt the mind .. is still what remains for the better.. 😉
    “Filipina ‘mathletes’ bring medals from China”

    Three Filipino teeners brought home one silver and two bronze medals from the just concluded 2008 China Girls Mathematical Olympiad, a four-day contest held in Guangdong province in China, a few hours away from the Beijing Olympics.

    Sisters Geraldine and Angeline Baniqued, high school students from St. Paul College in Pasig and Stephanie Anne Oliveros, a freshman from Ateneo de Manila University, reaped medals for solving some of the most complex math questions in the all-girls tilt, said the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines..

    Tarra Quismundo
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

  4. Thank you for providing this information. I look forward to your summation and analysis at the end of the games.

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