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Game Review: Slingo Supreme

I run through games like some people go through boy/girlfriends.  Well.. you can’t fault me as some games are boring while others lose their thrill once you’ve completed all stages.  My latest game which I’ve already deleted is Slingo Supreme.

Slingo Supreme is the latest of a series of Slingo games created by Slingo (Hehe! too many slingo in a sentence).  Slingo is a mix of Bingo and slot machine.  You have a card and a pattern where you try to complete by spinning the slot for a combination of numbers.  There are devils, angels, treasure chests, multipliers, coins and challenges.

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Ciro’s Pomodoro (波莫多洛)

This Italian restaurant is a London chain with branches in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bucharest, Athens and Thessaloniki.  It is located in Sanlitun at the back of The Village.  They have live music every night, long extended bar and alfresco dining.

The walls in the restaurant are filled with photos of stars who ate in their branches worldwide.  The bar has floor to ceiling cabinets filled with liquor and wines.  The food is fantastic and I’ve eaten a fair share of Italian food in Beijing.  They start you off with free bread with 3 different dips (olive paste, tomato, cream).  I ordered a pizza (RMB 85) which is a favorite of Faye Dunaway.  The pizza is filled with mozarella cheese, tomato sauce, ham, olives, anchiovies and pepperoni.  The pasta (RMB 80)  was heavenly especially the ravioli.  The sauce was creamy and tasty.  A can of coke is RMB 25 each.

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Kempi Deli (凯宾美食廊)

Kempi Deli is located at the 1st floor of Kempinski Hotel in Lufthansa Area. This deli is well-known in Beijing for its cake, pastries and bread. As a cake lover in Beijing, it’s quite difficult to find a cake which is delicious, not too sweet, not filled with lots of fruits and affordable.

My journey to Kempi Deli was due to my colleague’s birthday. At first, I was planning to purchase a cake from the Landmark Hotel but they didn’t have one readily available. I was contemplating going to Ritan Park area to purchase my favourite cheesecake but it’s just too far. So, I ended up walking to Kempinski Hotel from my office.

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Duck De Chine (全鸭季)

Located in the hidden courtyard at the back of Pacific Plaza in Sanlitun. Duck De Chine is one of the new Peking Duck restaurant which opened up in Beijing. Ken, Bianca and I ate there after attending a birthday drinking session.

The area where the restaurant is located is quite nice and perfect for a garden wedding. It has a homey feel and serenity that is hard to find in a bustling city like Beijing. The ambiance inside the restaurant is one of elegance and quiet beauty. Brown bricks, red lamps, champagnes in cabinets and black cloth tables. It’s a good place to impress your friends and enjoy Beijing’s famous duck.

As for the food, it was superb and perfect! A gong sound accompanied the start of the duck cutting. They have several fill-ins to put along with your duck which wasn’t oily and was cooked just right. The sweet and sour pork reminds me of my mom’s cooking. The only downside is the rice we ordered never came out.

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Domain Name Giveaway!

contest Wouldn’t it be great to have your own domain name?  To put your own url on your business card?  If you’re dreaming of owning one and you want it for free, continue and read how to get one domain name for a year for free!

My brother’s blog site, Calvin’s Hub, turned one last September 24.  To celebrate it’s first birthday, he is giving away a year’s worth of domain name from GoDaddy.  To participate, either you refer or you put a short post about this contest on your own website.  Check out this link for more details:

What are you waiting for?  You only have until September 30, 2008 to join!