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Game Review: Restaurant Rush 2

I’ve been procrastinating lately in writing blogs. Well, work is toxic and I wasn’t in the mood to write anything anymore at home. Also, my travel buddy and I are planning our trip to Europe. Wish us luck with our visa application.

Anyway, there is this new game which I downloaded from the forum of which got me hooked so much that I’ve been cutting my beauty sleep short. I remember the first release and how I tried to finish it within a day. Foregoing several hours of sleep just to go through all the stages.

In the sequel, they added more recipes, a mall, ingredients shop and an arcade game. The game screen remains the same but the stage screen was changed. We now have the option to purchase different types of food such as American, Italian, Mexican, French and Chinese. You can also increase the amount of the dish by upgrading the ingredients in a separate shop. At the mall, they have 3 shops namely desserts, recipe and hardware. I’ve already finished the story mode which took me roughly 5 hours to complete and have been trying to advance myself in the arcade mode. I keep telling myself that it would be my last game but I got disappointed with how I did that I keep on playing it.

So.. what is this game? Restaurant Rush 2 which was produced by Gamenauts & Menara Games. If you’re interested in action/arcade games, I suggest you download this game. However, don’t blame me if you got addicted to it and lose some precious sleep time. You’ve been already forewarned!


3 thoughts on “Game Review: Restaurant Rush 2

  1. how did you get past the very last level? i’m stuck for the past several days. the goal is 8000 and i can only score 6500 or less. please help. =(


  2. Buy to the max all upgrades for the soup, soda and vegetables. Next, when you start playing it, try to complete them as fast as possible and add either a soup or soda or both. To make a chain, don’t give the finished order yet till you complete the other orders as well. Hope that helps. Never had any problem with this compared to the first release.

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