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How Much Do I Need To Invest Again?

I’ve been reading some news on when I happen to glance an article in their money smarts blog entitled “How much to invest for the long haul?” It says there that according to the rule of thumb in the Asian Wall Street Journal’s “Lifetime Guide to Money”, we should subtract our age from 100 and add a percentage sign.

When I read it, I had to exclaim “WHAT?!” I thought I was doing great already but it seems like in order for me to retire comfortably I have to do more. What shall I do?? I’ve been saving money but I guess it’s not enough. 😦

To top it all, my travel buddy Marco and I are planning our European Tour. We will be submitting our visa application this Wednesday and hopefully we will get our visa. If it pushes through, I will have to scrimp in the next couple of months in order to recuperate the cost of this trip. Oh well.. I’m willing to do that as I’ve already bought some Christmas gifts already. That means I won’t be able to go home for my cousin’s wedding. 😦

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German Gymnast Who Made An Impact

I know.. I know.. The Olympics ended two weeks ago and what the heck am I writing about more Olympic news. I was supposed to write this a week ago but was either lazy to do it or too much work to do. Anyhow, in a sport where the older you get, the difficult it is to compete, this German female gymnast overcame it all and manage to win a Silver medal in the vault category in Beijing.

When her fellow Chinese gymnasts’ age are being questioned, no one can tell her that she’s not allowed to compete. Oksana Chusovitina is 33 years old and has been competing way before her fellow competitors are even born. This is her fifth Olympics for her third team (Soviet Union, Uzbekistan, Germany). She was even on the same team as the father of the all-around individual women’s gold medalist Nastia Liukin of the US.

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