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A Dead Man At The Meat Counter

I slept late last night knowing that I can wake up late this morning. However, around 6am I was awaken by a loud blast similar to cannons. I thought we were in a war or something with the matching lights outside my window. Then, I heard the rain falling and I guess it’s just a thundershower which is common in Beijing. I went back to sleep after a few minutes of tuning the thunder out and woke up around 1030am to my alarm.

I was planning to go to worship but was still groggy and by the time I got ready and left my place, the service is almost over. 😦 Instead of heading on to 21st Century, I got off the next bus stop and went to my next destination, Tesco Supermarket.

As usual, I can’t get away from stinky men on the bus so it was a relief to reach my destination. I went to have lunch at KFC then up to the supermarket. The Tesco supermarket in Baiziwan Road (almost Southeast Fourth Ring Road) is consist of two floors. The upper floor contains toiletries, electronics, clothing, dvd, books, pots & pans and the lower floor is the food section.

I first went to the upper floor as the payment counters are in the lower floor. I just wanted to browse around and maybe buy some stuff. I ended up with some toilet paper rolls and detergent. Last time I purchased toilet paper rolls it was RMB 9.50 for a pack of 4. Now, it’s RMB 10.50… *sigh* RMB 1 increase. (Note: these stuff should be purchased in bulk in order to save some money in the long run.)

When I went down the lower floor, I headed straight to the fruit and vegetable section. I was thinking of making some ground beef with potato soup. I got some dragon fruit, potatoes and ginger and had it weighed. My next stop was the meat section. However, when I reached the section, there were a lot of old biddies walking around with their carts like lost sheep. Here I thought, they have another of their special sale so I weave my way around the people and went to the non-sale meat counter. When I arrived near the counter, it was cordoned off and there was a police officer interviewing some people. I moved to a different location and saw a dead man near the pork counter covered by a rough blanket. His hands, shoes and the top of his head was peeking underneath the blanket. It was so creepy. I don’t know how it happened or how long ago was it but I totally veered away from the area and continued with my grocery shopping.

After purchasing some more stuff, I then remembered the soup I was supposed to make for dinner. I went back to the meat section and everything was back to normal as if nothing occurred earlier. The old biddies are in the sale counter and some people are buying meat in the non-sale area. I skirted my way around the area where I saw the dead man earlier and check the beef counter. They don’t have ground beef, so I left and pay my purchases.

It didn’t sink it till just now how creepy and spooky that was. I’m not sure if it’s standard procedure but I would have thought they would have closed the supermarket after the incident to investigate the death. That wasn’t the first dead body I saw in China. However, that’s the first dead body I saw in a supermarket and after this morning thunder and lightning show, I want this day to end.


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