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I Luff Dogs.. But Not Their Meat!

doggie I love cute, tiny, short haired dogs.  In China, you can only have small dogs as if they are bigger than the allowable dog measurement set by the government, they have the authority to keep your dog and kill it.  So.. most dogs in my neighbourhood are small.

Anyway, as a dog lover, I can’t understand how people can stand to eat dog meat.  I remember once after church, Marco and I were walking along the west gate of Chaoyang Park looking for a place to eat.  We entered a Korean restaurant and was looking at the menu.  Marco chose something based on the picture.  When I asked him if he was sure, he replied, “Why? It looks good!”  I told him, “You want to eat dog meat?”  After telling him that’s it’s dog meat, he veered away from that page and ordered other stuff.

dog meat Dog meat has been a part of Chinese cuisine.  I remember when I was still teaching in the south, during the late afternoon when the snack vendors come out, they will hang those poor dogs that they slaughtered for people to buy.  It was so gross!  In Korea, they are even considering changing the status of dogs from pets to livestock in order to accommodate the growing number of people eating their meat.

During the Olympic and Paralympic period, dog meat is not allowed to be sold to the public in restaurants or markets to protect the sensibilities of the tourists who are not used to this dish.

The picture looks yummy right?  Still.. I won’t eat dogs!


8 thoughts on “I Luff Dogs.. But Not Their Meat!

  1. yup small dogs puwede.. big dogs, they capture and kill in fear of rabies. as for the picture, i got it sa internet.. mas ok na nga yan kaysa yung nakita ko ano.. several dogs hanging like pigs in the market

  2. try the local groceries in china

    they also sell dog meat at the frozen section labeled as “xiao gou”

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