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Mooncake Invasion!!!

I’m invaded by small, round cakes everywhere I go.  I give away a box, I receive 2 boxes.  When I walk in the street, everyone’s carrying boxes of these cakes.  The usual clothes sale counter at the mall is filled with this mooncakes!!  I can’t seem to hide from them.

Anyway, enough about that drama.  Seriously, I received 2 boxes, gave 1 away, the next day got 2 more boxes, gave 1 away, then the next day got 2 more boxes again.  Some boxes are fancy like the one in the picture to your right which I received yesterday.  Some contain 4, 8, 12 mooncakes.  Some give away tea (Papa.. I have tea for you again!), while others give away the stinky Chinese wine!

It’s the time of the year when these cakes abound and people are giving and receiving them left and right.  Some moon cakes are filled with eggs, lotus seeds, scallop with XO sauce, fruits, bean paste, honey and so on.   This cake is usually eaten during the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar with tea.

I remember when I was young, we usually play a dice game with toys and snacks as prizes for kids and mooncakes for adults.  It was a fun game that I miss which they don’t have in China.  I didn’t eat mooncake till my 3rd year in China.  I remember on my first year, most of the mooncakes went to waste.  On my second year, I passed it on to my colleague a day after I get them.  On my third year, I bravely tried one and enjoyed it.  I can’t find the same mooncakes as the one I’ve tried before.  Hopefully, someone would give me a box from my old town of Zhanjiang.

Happy Mooncake Festival!  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


One thought on “Mooncake Invasion!!!

  1. wow….daming mong mooncakes buti ka pa….mag-tiong chiu kami this year at aunt rosie’s place kasabay ng bday ni aunt irene. 🙂 one thing for sure hindi libre ang mooncakes dito…hahahahaha

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