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Starbucks China – Autumn & Halloween Collection

Dropped by again at the Starbucks near my home and they have the autumn and the Halloween collection already. I tried taking pictures with my camera-phone but it didn’t look good. So, I just downloaded the ones from their website and will post it here.

imageLet’s start with this year’s anniversary blend tumbler and mug (picture on the right). The tumbler design is brown in color with a mermaid. I’m not sure if this is available in other countries but my cousin has it already. They’re selling so fast so if you want one, you better grab one already!

Then we have the Autumn flower collection. The mugs on imagethis collection has both painted and embossed flowers. I’m not a fan of the bluegreen color but the red one is ok. Also, it’s not as striking as the anniversary tumbler but if you’re into collecting, might as well buy one. Hehehehe!

imageThis autumn, they launched the syrup series. This 375ml bottle of syrup is perfect for your coffee or tea. It comes in 3 flavors, Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut. They also have a gift pack series which contains one syrup bottle and a pack of coffee. Compared to other Starbucks merchandise that are on sale, this one is relatively cheap. RMB45/bottle.

Christmas carols will soon be heard in the airwaves and what perfect gift to give imageyour friends for the coming year, Starbucks Planner and Pen. These products are sold separately. The box for the pen is nice and classy but the price is also steep (RMB 110). The planner on the other hand is from Sept 2008 – Dec 2009. So even if you give it now, they would be able to use it already. Retail price for the planner is RMB 100.

Halloween collection… the owls are back and there designs are incorporated on the tumblers (adult & kiddie) and the mugs. The bears are also not spared as they have their pumpkin bags and Halloween outfits. The bears are pretty expensive (RMB168) while the tumblers and mug are pretty bit their normal retail prices.

image image

Other products on sale are the white mugs with green handle, the thermos which has a similar pattern to the planner and in some stores the dragon and phoenix set. They also have t-shirts with similar design as the old Beijing tumblers.



6 thoughts on “Starbucks China – Autumn & Halloween Collection

  1. i like the 2nd to the last pic…the water tumbler not mug ha…kaso lang plastic sya…toxic…hehehehe

  2. maganda lang siya sa picture.. in actual, see through siya and not that great.. 🙂 mas maganda pa rin ang Kleen Canteen mo.. regalo mo yun sa akin di ba?? 🙂

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