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Game Review: Farm Frenzy 2

I’m a game addict. I usually have one or two games on my PC which I will play till I get sick of it. Usually, once I finish the story mode, I get bored with the game. That’s what happened with Restaurant Rush 2 so I crawled reflexive and astalavista for new games. The game I found … Farm Frenzy 2.

Farm Frenzy 2 is a time management game and the sequel of Farm Frenzy. The object is to complete a set of task within a time limit to earn points to buy in the shop. In certain levels, you need to buy a specific upgrade or shop in order to proceed. In a level, you have 3 types of chance to win points, the normal, silver and gold.

In this game, you can purchase chickens, pigs, cows, turkey, dog and cat. It also includes an airplane, well, warehouse, truck and buildings. There are 4 types of final products which you can do, cake (chicken), sealed barbeque sticks (pig), cheese (cow), souvenir (turkey). In order for you to get the final produce, you need to purchase certain items by using the airplane. Throughout the game, different kinds of bears will drive your animals away. In order to stop them, you need to cage them and haul them away. If in case, you didn’t get the chance to haul them away, they can destroy your buildings.

In any case, I’m still trying to beat my scores and claim some more awards. However, I’m starting to lose interest as it wasn’t as difficult as the original game. Of all the sequels I’ve played so far, this one isn’t that great.


3 thoughts on “Game Review: Farm Frenzy 2

  1. The only PC game I’m really obsessed with is The Sims 2. I get bored with it sometimes too, though. Well, more like burned out from creating things, because I really only played the game about 10% of the time lol…

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