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Movie Review: Flood

I needed to relax after a stressful week so I thought about watching a movie. There were two English movies showing in Wanda Cinemas and the staff was only able to tell me one of the English names. I was hoping I could watch “Mummy 3” but it’s no longer showing. So, I watched the movie “Flood”. I didn’t know this movie was shown in 2007 but they’ve just released it right now in Beijing.

The movie stars Robert Carlyle as Rob Morrison, Jessalyn Gilsig as Sam Morrison, Tom Courtenay as Leonard Morrison, Joanne Whalley as Patricia Nash and David Suchet as Deputy Prime Minister Campbell. Anyway, the story involved a storm and flood (heh!). The storm hit the US and cross the Atlantic towards Ireland and England. There was heavy flooding in Wick, Scotland and everyone was blaming the government because they didn’t give enough warning. The Meteorological Bureau said that the storm was too erratic to predict the movement.

Leonard Morrison is a professor who was able to create a model to predict storm surges. He informed the Met bureau that the high tide and the storm will create a storm surge which will overcome the barrier which protects London from flood. The Met people didn’t believe him so he went to his daughter-in-law, Sam, who’s in charge of the barrier.

Since Sam has a direct contact with Commander Nash, she brought up Leonard’s theory to them. Leonard’s theory is the combined high tide and storm surge will flood a large part of London in 3 hours. This didn’t give them ample time to evacuate everyone so they had just to do what they can do. The flood came and the storm surge wasn’t letting up. To protect lives, Leonard thought about a solution to drain the water back to the sea. However, to manually bring down the barrier, one of them will die to operate it as the area was flooded. Leonard made a decision to do it and perished.

The movie lack the excitement of “The Day after Tomorrow”. It was not at all exciting and a bit like a documentary.   The only thing different is the location, primarily London.  If you plan to waste money watching or renting this movie, feel free. It was a letdown but hey! I get to watch a movie again in a cinema. Hehehehe!


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