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Milk.. Tainted or Not?

milk moustache Milk is an important source of calcium which is good for our bones.  Babies can consume several bottles of milk a day as it’s their source of food.  So, when the news reported that some of the milk are tainted with melamine, first thing which came into my mind was, here we go again.

Melamine is a chemical used to produce plastic, inks and fertilizers.  If added in food products, it will increase the protein content.  If ingested, melamine may lead to reproductive damage, bladder or kidney stones and bladder cancer.  To date, 4 infants in China already died due to drinking tainted milk.   Over 12,000 children with more than 90% of them younger than 3 years old are hospitalized due to symptoms of drinking milk with melamine.

This scandal shouldn’t have escalated to huge proportions if the Chinese government look into the reports submitted to them as early as May when the first infant died.  It seems like they don’t want to tarnish the country’s image prior to the Olympics.  Right now, a lot of parents are worried about their children whether they are affected by it or not.  Milk products are being taken off the shelf and more and more brands are included in the list.  Most noteworthy are Sanlu, Yili, Mengniu, Bright Dairy and Nestle.

I just don’t know what goes on the mind of those people who wanted to earn profit in expense of babies’ health.  It’s like they don’t have any children at all that they can do such a cruel thing.  I hope this will be resolved in the near future with no more deaths.  In the meantime, I better take calcium supplements in lieu of milk.  I wouldn’t know what milk to trust due to this incident.


4 thoughts on “Milk.. Tainted or Not?

  1. how come only babies were reported to be affected? Grown up drinks milk too although not as much as babies. But does this mean it’s safe to drink those milk in small quantities?

  2. Coz babies drink more milk and their bodies cannot handle the melamine which was added into the milk. Most of the tainted milk are in babies’ formula or milk powder. However, there are reports which includes liquid milk were also tainted. Scientists said that an adult whose weight is more than 60kg can drink milk with melamine up to 2 liters a day with no effect.

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