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Starbucks China – Autumn & Halloween Collection

Dropped by again at the Starbucks near my home and they have the autumn and the Halloween collection already. I tried taking pictures with my camera-phone but it didn’t look good. So, I just downloaded the ones from their website and will post it here.

imageLet’s start with this year’s anniversary blend tumbler and mug (picture on the right). The tumbler design is brown in color with a mermaid. I’m not sure if this is available in other countries but my cousin has it already. They’re selling so fast so if you want one, you better grab one already!

Then we have the Autumn flower collection. The mugs on imagethis collection has both painted and embossed flowers. I’m not a fan of the bluegreen color but the red one is ok. Also, it’s not as striking as the anniversary tumbler but if you’re into collecting, might as well buy one. Hehehehe!

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Beijing’s Modern Marvels

The lead up to the Olympic Games brought a flurry of construction in Beijing.  Buildings sprung up left and right as if everyone’s in a mood to construct.  Here’s a list of the modern marvels which you must see when you’re in town for a visit:

1.  National Stadium aka Bird’s Nest – This bnest91,000 seating capacity stadium is located north of the 4th ring road at the southern part of the Olympic Green.  It’s the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympics and Paralympic Games.  It is also where the athletic events are being held.  Rumors said that it will be the home of Beijing Guo’an after the Games.

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Wheelchair Rugby

wheelchair rugby Rugby as a sport is played out in a field with several players hugging a ball and trying to bring it to the their opponent’s goal.  So when Marco mentioned that he bought tickets for wheelchair rugby for the three of us, I was skeptical as to how they’ll play the game.

The difference? The players are on wheelchairs, played indoors, and only 4 players to a team.  It’s a cross between basketball, handball and hockey wherein you have to dribble the ball once every 10 seconds while it is in your possession and you have to bring the ball to the goalpost on your opponent’s side.  They have penalties which is similar to hockey like one minute suspension and has a special area where the penalized player will have to stew.

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Paralympic Games: Team Philippines Recap

Two weeks after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, another sports event opened in Beijing.  This time, the athletes are special and the Paralympic Games began with a unique opening ceremony participated by 148 countries all over the world.

For Team Philippines, we only had 3 athletes competing in two events.  They are Pedro Sollique, Cherry Pinpin and Ads Dumapong.  Sollique and Pinpin both competed in the 2-person keelboat in Qingdao.  Ads Dumapong is fielded in women’s powerlifting for the 80+kg category.

As the Games are about to end on Wednesday, our athletes have also completed their events.  Sollique and Pinpin placed last after 10 races in their event.  Ads Dumapong, on the other hand, did not start on her event.

I didn’t actually get to follow our athletes so I’m not really sure what happened.  It seems like they were mysteriously forgotten even by our news stations in the Philippines.  To our special athletes, I’m proud of you for competing in one of the best sports event in history.  You may not have won but you’re already winners by overcoming your disabilities and showing the world that you’re better than the others.

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Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe

In Beijing alone, statistics said that there are more than 1,000 cars added each day.  That’s why if they stop implementing the odd-even scheme after September 20, I’m pretty sure the city will be back in a gridlock.  In any case, you will get the chance to admire expensive cars more on the road.  I mean, Audi’s are a dime and a dozen here.  You may think of them as your common Toyota or Honda.  Visit any high-class international apartments and you’ll see a Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Maybachs parked side by side.

On my way home the other night, I was impressed by one of the cars parked in front of the Pizza Hut restaurant near my home.  Someone was checking out a spanking Silver Jubilee colored Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe.  I may not be a car expert but I know the big names in the industry.  This particular car is a convertible.  At that time, the guy was playing around with the drophead feature of the car.

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