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The sweaters and jackets will take a backseat and imaginations will go wild as Halloween hits town this Friday!  Witches with broom, ninjas, skeletons will roam the street looking for places to haunt and party!  Halloween in Beijing is always fun with the different costumes and wild parties.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend as long as it’s Halloween, everyone is out to have a good time!

So if you want to dress like a princess or be godzilla, here are some places for you to strut your stuff this Halloween:

1.  Ku-18 – Located at 798 Art District, this year’s theme is “Spooked”.  If you’re into warehouses and funky music, this will be your dig in this occasion.  RMB 100 (door), RMB 70 (advance).  朝阳区酒仙桥路798创意广场18号

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House MD – Season 5, Episode 6

cuddyTo give and take away life.  To heal the sick and watch them live a new life.  To hold a newborn and to be a parent.  The title of this week episode of House is “Joy” and in my opinion it is anything but joy.

The episode started with a father who was drinking coffee after coffee till he’s blacking out and missing time.  Initially, they thought it was caused by drugs as he was caught buying cocaine while he was technically asleep.  However, when they were doing test to support it, they found another symptom which negated it.  It’s a trial and error cycle wherein symptom after symptom came up.  To add it up, the daughter also got whatever the father had.  House had a talk with Wilson and Wilson said something about the baby which Cuddy wanted to adopt which resulted to a realization about something that will assist him in solving the case.  In the end, both father and daughter were saved of their initial sickness and the daughter was able to donate one kidney to her dad.

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Game Review: Fishco

I’m bored and I’m craving for seafood! So, when I was checking the new releases in, Fishco enhance my curiosity and became my latest PC game download. When I was reading through the description provided, I thought it would be something like Fish Tycoon wherein you breed two different fishes to get a new species. It wasn’t the case and here’s why.

Fishco is an action game created by Fugazo. It has action and relax mode for you to choose. The action mode has 40 levels wherein you’ll help your partner Tracy to grow, breed and sell fishes. To grow a fish, you need to separate the aggressive and non-aggressive fishes. You would also need to keep your tank clean by changing the water and removing the algae. You should also keep your fish happiness level up by planting plants. Breeding involve two similar fishes of the opposite sexes in a breeding tank. Normally, they would have 2 eggs. To sell those fishes, you need to transfer them to a regular tank.

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Dummies Guide to Credit Crisis Lingo

subprime_mortgages If you’re like an average joe with little to no background in finance, news about recession and bankruptcy will scare and make you panic. My friend, Lala Rimando, business editor of Newsbreak Magazine, came out with this dummies guide to help you understand the credit crisis lingo.

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With financial jargons leaping from business pages to front page headlines, here’s a guide to understanding the current US financial crisis better.


Simply put, they are called subprime since they are below prime status. These are loans lent to borrowers who, as some put it, are considered “NINJA” (no income, no job, no assets). In other words, high risk borrowers: they have tainted credit history or cannot prove their incomes.

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Of Red and White.. Wines

I never was a wine, liquor, champagne or beer drinker.  First, I’m allergic to some of them especially champagne.  Second, I never had the opportunity to try any of those when I was young.  Third, I don’t want to get drunk and do something stupid.  Fourth, I never like the taste.  However, since I joined the corporate world, the need to socialize and drink is needed.  Thus, my quest for alcohol which won’t cause me allergies and suit to my palate began.

Last autumn, Carrefour Shuangjing had its first annual wine fair.  It was a perfect place for me to search for that elusive wine which I will like.  I remember going and trying different kinds of wines from Australia, Italy, Argentina, China, France and US.  After trying several, all of them taste the same.  However, there was one wine which stood out and I came home with 4 bottles of them.  The wine, Brown Brothers Moscato.   Brown Brothers is an Australian wine company.  I have a partiality with Australian companies since that’s the first country outside Asia where I was able to visit.  Also, my first job in Beijing is with an Australian company.

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