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Free Expat Magazines!

Going crazy with a language you can’t understand?  Don’t know where to find a book that makes sense?  When prices are going up, freebies are hard to come by.  But, for expats in Beijing, you get to know the latest happenings in art, cinema, music, shopping, sports and more through the magazines you can get from your favourite expat restaurants in town.

Here’s a list of English magazines you can bag and maybe pile at home and sell it once you’re done with it.

1.  thebeijinger – this monthly magazine used to be called That’s Beijing.  However, this year the management decided not to renew the contracts of their foreign writers and those writers banded together armed with their contacts to create this new magazine.  I prefer this one than the new team who’s currently writing That’s Beijing.  They got a mean directory of restaurants and other services.  They even sometimes include a map insert of different areas which expat usually go to.  They have several more magazines which they write but I’m not really sure how often do they come out such as Urbane and Beijing Kids.

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Gloom and Doom – Recession 2?

I just arrived this morning from Rome via Moscow and I still lack sleep.  Two weeks ago, my dad was insisting I shouldn’t push through with my trip and just save my money.  However, I turned the blind eye and went through with it when I got my visa.  The trip was educational, enlightening and an eye-opener.  It’s true that you learn more of the world when you travel.

When I logged on to my PC this morning, my friend who’s a business journalist in the Philippines was also online.  So, I asked her what advice can she give me during this time of crisis?  She said, save save save!  Hold on to your cash.  It seems like the forecast in the near future is gloomy.  Prices are going up but our salary can’t match its pace.

If I want to achieve my goal in 3 years time, I better start to plan how to do it.  If I need to learn a hobby and make money out of it, I probably should do so.  But.. does our life really revolve around money?  Shouldn’t we trust in God to provide for our needs?  I’d probably need to contemplate some more.  Right now, I can’t wait for the clock to hit 6pm and go home.