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Free Expat Magazines!

Going crazy with a language you can’t understand?  Don’t know where to find a book that makes sense?  When prices are going up, freebies are hard to come by.  But, for expats in Beijing, you get to know the latest happenings in art, cinema, music, shopping, sports and more through the magazines you can get from your favourite expat restaurants in town.

Here’s a list of English magazines you can bag and maybe pile at home and sell it once you’re done with it.

1.  thebeijinger – this monthly magazine used to be called That’s Beijing.  However, this year the management decided not to renew the contracts of their foreign writers and those writers banded together armed with their contacts to create this new magazine.  I prefer this one than the new team who’s currently writing That’s Beijing.  They got a mean directory of restaurants and other services.  They even sometimes include a map insert of different areas which expat usually go to.  They have several more magazines which they write but I’m not really sure how often do they come out such as Urbane and Beijing Kids.

2.  That’s Beijing – this monthly magazine has a sister magazine in Shanghai.  It’s overhauled with a new set of writers and their first issue was a little bit bland and lacks meat.  Still, if you lack English reading materials, this would help you pass time.

3.  City Weekend – this bi-monthly magazine is slimmer than thebeijinger but you get the latest happenings updated every other week.  I don’t get this in my building but my favorite Taiwan restaurant near my office has it.

4.  Time Out Beijing – this monthly magazine stopped circulating for a couple of months as they didn’t have a license from the government to publish English articles.  They’re back this month with a feature on the 40 men and women who make Beijing great.

5.  Agenda – the bi-monthly restaurant and events guide of thebeijinger.  It’s handy and small so it doesn’t eat up much space on your bag.  It’s widely circulated so you can easily grab a copy.  It will give you advices from top chefs on where they eat or bring their guests while in town.

6.  Metrozine – a monthly magazine which my friend writes for.  However, it’s so difficult to find one.  Up to now, I can’t find a copy of it anywhere.

So.. pile up at home and become a literary genius instead.  Hahahaha!


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