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Of Red and White.. Wines

I never was a wine, liquor, champagne or beer drinker.  First, I’m allergic to some of them especially champagne.  Second, I never had the opportunity to try any of those when I was young.  Third, I don’t want to get drunk and do something stupid.  Fourth, I never like the taste.  However, since I joined the corporate world, the need to socialize and drink is needed.  Thus, my quest for alcohol which won’t cause me allergies and suit to my palate began.

Last autumn, Carrefour Shuangjing had its first annual wine fair.  It was a perfect place for me to search for that elusive wine which I will like.  I remember going and trying different kinds of wines from Australia, Italy, Argentina, China, France and US.  After trying several, all of them taste the same.  However, there was one wine which stood out and I came home with 4 bottles of them.  The wine, Brown Brothers Moscato.   Brown Brothers is an Australian wine company.  I have a partiality with Australian companies since that’s the first country outside Asia where I was able to visit.  Also, my first job in Beijing is with an Australian company.

Moscato is from the Muscat grape family.  The Brown Brothers Moscato wine is a white wine with a fruity, sweet taste that is perfect for ladies and people with low tolerance to alcohol.  It is classified as light wine with only 5.5% alcohol.  The salesperson in one of the Jenny Lou’s shop said this is a hit with the ladies.  It sure was a hit when I brought it to one of the parties that more people were encouraged to buy bottles of it.  The cost is relatively expensive at RMB 140-145 per bottle.  The reason of the 4 bottles, it was buy 3 get 1 free and it came out to RMB 87 per bottle.

For a year, I stuck to this wine.  When I go to a party, I bring a bottle as present.  I also kept a bottle which I drink occasionally.  Yesterday, it was the annual wine fair again!  This time, I was planning just to mingle around and try some more wines.  I beelined to the ASC Wine booth to grab some free Brown Brothers Moscato and was introduced to my new favorite, Brown Brothers Cienna.

The Cienna wine is a red wine almost similar to the Moscato.  It’s also a light wine with 5% alcohol.  Its vibrant red in color with a fruity taste similar to strawberries and raspberries.  If they serve this in Church during communions, I would be there every time (Just kidding!).  I came home yesterday with 2 bottles while my friend bought 2 bottles as well.  The promo price for the buy 3 get 1 free came out to RMB 79.20 per bottle.

So.. I have a new wine for the year.  I’ll bring one tomorrow at Marco’s birthday.  Let’s see if it will be a hit!  But if I were you and you like sweet stuff, this wine is perfect for you!


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