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Game Review: Fishco

I’m bored and I’m craving for seafood! So, when I was checking the new releases in, Fishco enhance my curiosity and became my latest PC game download. When I was reading through the description provided, I thought it would be something like Fish Tycoon wherein you breed two different fishes to get a new species. It wasn’t the case and here’s why.

Fishco is an action game created by Fugazo. It has action and relax mode for you to choose. The action mode has 40 levels wherein you’ll help your partner Tracy to grow, breed and sell fishes. To grow a fish, you need to separate the aggressive and non-aggressive fishes. You would also need to keep your tank clean by changing the water and removing the algae. You should also keep your fish happiness level up by planting plants. Breeding involve two similar fishes of the opposite sexes in a breeding tank. Normally, they would have 2 eggs. To sell those fishes, you need to transfer them to a regular tank.

I’ve finished playing till level 16 and it wasn’t that challenging. I kept getting expert score. There were dull moments wherein you have to wait for the fishes to grow. A tip though to get expert score, once you’ve finished completing the other challenges for that level and you’re just waiting to sell the remaining fishes to complete it, don’t wait for it to grow, go to the market tab and click the $ sign beside the type of fish.

I wouldn’t recommend it if the type of action you’re looking for is fast and challenging. The dull moments are really dull and it will bored you to tears. The music ain’t helping as it’s calming and relaxing.


5 thoughts on “Game Review: Fishco

  1. not really.. ang breeding niya sa fish tycoon is cross breeding with different species. dito same species.

  2. I played this game yesterday. A friend of mine just bought it and let me test it.
    I liked although I agree that it is kind of boring. But it is a fish tank and fish tanks are supposed to be relaxing.
    I didn´t play all modes only the relax one. I would like a mode where you challenge yourself, like you decide to raise the fish only to get more money.
    Or maybe you want to raise only betas (this could be challenging because they are very agressive).
    Anyway, I liked the game 🙂

  3. The action mode will probably challenge you a bit as there’s a time limit to complete all task. I’m glad you like the game.

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