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Movie Review: Get Smart

get_smart_ver4I was working overtime last Saturday when a loud guffaw from one of the staff jolt me from my computations. I put down my pen and went over to his desk and when I got there, I saw him watching a movie by Anne Hathaway. Anne has been a favorite of mine ever since Princess Diary, so I asked him to copy the movie to my portable hard drive. I didn’t notice the name of the movie when I was watching it so I had to check the beginning again just to write this review.

The Original

Get Smart is a 1960s American comedy television series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. It’s about spy games and agents. They created this series at that time as James Bond and Inspector Closeau are quite popular. The show lasted 5 seasons with 138 episodes.

The Story

The story is about two agents from the US spy agency named CONTROL. The agents were given numbers as code names and the two most popular agents are Agent 86 and Agent 99. Agent 99 is a beautiful agent who has rich field experience and is street smart. Agent 86, on the other hand, had to take the field agent exam 8 times before passing it with flying colors. While trying to be a field agent, he worked as an analyst and translator for the agency.

The plot of the movie thickens as their building was infiltrated by their enemy KAOS. KAOS is a group headed by Siegfried and his sidekick Shtarker. They are involve in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. As all the current agent names and codes were compromised during the infiltration, they had to choose agents who were not on the system. Enter Agent 86, who passed the exam but wasn’t inducted yet as an agent and Agent 99, who just returned to active duty after having plastic surgery. Their mission is to stop KAOS in manufacturing and distributing nuclear weapons. They headed to Russia to the factory and was able to stop the production and destroy the factory. Agent 23 was asked to clean the place and told the Chief that there were no nuclear weapons in the factory. This led to Agent 86 being arrested for falsifying information. While in the cell and listening to the radio, he got a tip from Dalip that something hot will happen in Los Angeles. He escaped his cell using the antenna of the radio and stole the suit and car in the museum.

When he reached Los Angeles, he confronted the chief, agent 99 and agent 23. He told him about the tip and the threat against the president. Since news travel in government agencies about the mistaken nuclear factory, they weren’t taken seriously and was asked to leave the venue. Then, they found out that agent 23 is in cahoots with KAOS. Agent 23 took agent 99 as hostage while trying to arm the bomb. A chase ensue resulting to the briefcase containing the key to disarm the bomb being rendered useless and agent 99 found out that she loves agent 86. Agent 86 then remembered what Siegfried said about the Ode of Joy which is one of the best classical music because the ending ends with a Bang!

They run back to Disney Hall where the concert is being held and arrived just in time to stop the orchestra before they reached the ending of the music. The president was already sleeping and was jolted awake and clapped his hand because it was funny. In the end, all is well and everything is back to normal. Agent 86 and Agent 99 got married and live happily ever after.

The Cast

Agent 86 was portrayed by Steve Carell. I’ve never seen this guy before so I don’t have anything to compare it with. Agent 99 is Anne Hathaway. It’s a different role for Anne who usually play a sweet, young lady. It’s not James Bond like quality but it has action. Bill Murray did a guest starring as Agent 13, who was stuck in the tree. Alan Arkin is the Chief.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5.. it was just ok and good for light comedy.


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