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Apartment Hunting for Dummies

Which type of people usually look for an apartment? There’s the newbie who just arrived in Beijing for their newest adventure, the oldie who’s lease just expired, the businessman who’s sick and tired of staying in an apartment. In any case, finding an apartment in China needs your haggling and language skills. Also, a Chinese friend would be the best to do the translation for you.

Here are some tips that may help you in your apartment hunting:

  • If the ad says “near the subway”, never believe it till you’ve seen it.
  • Most apartments are now equipped with western toilets.
  • If you don’t like cleaning your apartment, go for service apartments such as Oakwood, Palm Springs, HQ Ritz, etc. However, be prepared to pay for a higher than usual price.
  • Decide which district do you want to live and your budget.
  • Best place to live in would be walking distance to the subway or bus stops. The price on these places are usually higher.     Continue reading “Apartment Hunting for Dummies”