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Movie Review: Next

next-movieI was hoping to watch Quantum of Solace with my friend but unluckily they already scrapped it out from the movie list at the cinema near my apartment.  As there wasn’t that much movies that are interesting, we watched “Next”.  The cast was star-studded so I thought it would be a good movie.

Next is a sci-fi thriller starring Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel.  It is loosely based on the science fiction short story The Golden Man by Philip Dick.  Nicholas Cage is Cris Johnson, a magician in Las Vegas who can predict his future 2 minutes ahead of time.  However, with Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel), he can see the future way ahead of time as long as it is connected with him or Liz.

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Starbucks Hong Kong – Mini Mugs & Tumbler

starbucks-clearStarbucks is gaining popularity in Asia and one of the things my cousins await are their new releases of city tumblers/mugs or unique and beautiful merchandise.  In my previous posts, I mentioned that one of my cousins collect tumblers while the other collect mugs.  Through the power of google, the list of people who I know and collects tumblers and mugs have increased.  When I went to Europe, I dragged along two Czech Republic tumblers for my cousin and Don and a mug from Frankfurt and Vienna to Alvin.

So, when I had time to kill during my layover in Hong Kong.  I made a beeline straight to the Starbucks shop at the transfer area of HK airport.  Lo and behold, they have the elusive Starbucks clear tumbler which was already sold out in Beijing and Manila.  They had several more of it and I grabbed two because Don and Gold wanted them.  The good thing about it, it’s on sale for HK$68.  When I went back after my stay in the Philippines a week later, it’s no longer available and it’s a shame as Gold wanted two more.

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Airport Review: Beijing Capital International Airport – Terminal 3

I’m back!  Sorry for the lack of posts in the past few weeks but real life and work have taken over and put blogging in the back burner.  Anyway, in the past month I get to go to Hong Kong twice, Manila and Cagayan de Oro.  Jetsetter?  Nope.  Just for training and a wedding (not my own).   The airport of choice by my airline?  BCIA Terminal 3.

Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 is one of the biggest airport in terms on land mass.  It’s the combined Terminal 1-5 of London Heathrow.  The terminal is divided into 4 main buildings: transport centre (parking, light rail and commercial), domestic terminal (T3-C), international terminal (T3-E) and VIP terminal (T3-D).  This terminal opened early this year after only 4 years of construction.  They want visitors attending the Olympics to be awed by the structure which is shaped like a dragon.  Several airlines have made this their home including Air China, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Qantas, Emirates, Thai Airways, United Airlines, All Nippon Airways and some local airlines (More info here:  Transport to and from the airport is plenty and you can choose either by bus (RMB16), airport express (RMB25) or taxi (RMB80+ including RMB 10 toll).

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I Won an iPod Shuffle RED!

shuffle-redLast Nov. 14 was the Agency Event at my building.  We had food, wine, wii and a presentation.  To win any of the iPod prizes, guests have to compete in one of the wii games showcased.  First prize was a 1st gen iPod Touch 32gb, second prize was a 4th gen iPod Nano 8gb and the third prize was an iPod shuffle 1gb.

Since I’m one of the organizers, I get to choose which game I wanted to join.  Out of all the games  we had that day, the only one I know how to play is Bowling.  I was lucky to qualify on the top 3.  On the final 3 face-off, I was contented to just get 3rd place as I really like that iPod shuffle red. 

Right now, the shuffle is inside my cabinet gathering dust.  Hahaha.. I might give it as Christmas present or birthday present in the future.  Well.. this post has been long overdue.  Sorry for the late update.

Oh yeah.. if you buy an iPod shuffle Red.. a part of the profit will go to Product Red in support of the help fight AIDS in Africa.

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I’m still here! Latest updates!

It’s been forever since I wrote on the blog but real life have been very busy.  First was a week training in Hong Kong then had to catch up with my work and prepare for my holiday in Manila.

Currently, I’m in Manila relaxing after a couple of days of whirlwind activities.  My cousin Jason got married to his girlfriend from Cagayan De Oro, Cathy.  From Beijing to Hong Kong to Manila, it was tiring.  Thursday was pure shopping and dentist appointment.  I think I spent almost P10,000 in a day which is not what I intend to do.   Also on Thursday, I got my 2nd generation ipod Touch 16gb.  I’m totally enjoying it and I was able to surf the net in CDO. 

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