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I Won an iPod Shuffle RED!

shuffle-redLast Nov. 14 was the Agency Event at my building.  We had food, wine, wii and a presentation.  To win any of the iPod prizes, guests have to compete in one of the wii games showcased.  First prize was a 1st gen iPod Touch 32gb, second prize was a 4th gen iPod Nano 8gb and the third prize was an iPod shuffle 1gb.

Since I’m one of the organizers, I get to choose which game I wanted to join.  Out of all the games  we had that day, the only one I know how to play is Bowling.  I was lucky to qualify on the top 3.  On the final 3 face-off, I was contented to just get 3rd place as I really like that iPod shuffle red. 

Right now, the shuffle is inside my cabinet gathering dust.  Hahaha.. I might give it as Christmas present or birthday present in the future.  Well.. this post has been long overdue.  Sorry for the late update.

Oh yeah.. if you buy an iPod shuffle Red.. a part of the profit will go to Product Red in support of the help fight AIDS in Africa.

2 thoughts on “I Won an iPod Shuffle RED!

  1. Congrats for winning the shuffle. A lot of people would be willing to have that if you will give it away through a, say.. a blog contest?

    And also, your blog’s main page has a good Page Rank of 5 (which ranks higher than 85% of all the blogs on the web!). Why don’t you monetize your blog then? 🙂

    Just suggesting.

  2. Hmm.. that’s a good idea Frenchy.. I might do that. Just so busy right now and haven’t had the chance to catch up with my blog writing.

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