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I’m still here! Latest updates!

It’s been forever since I wrote on the blog but real life have been very busy.  First was a week training in Hong Kong then had to catch up with my work and prepare for my holiday in Manila.

Currently, I’m in Manila relaxing after a couple of days of whirlwind activities.  My cousin Jason got married to his girlfriend from Cagayan De Oro, Cathy.  From Beijing to Hong Kong to Manila, it was tiring.  Thursday was pure shopping and dentist appointment.  I think I spent almost P10,000 in a day which is not what I intend to do.   Also on Thursday, I got my 2nd generation ipod Touch 16gb.  I’m totally enjoying it and I was able to surf the net in CDO. 

Friday, was the wedding in CDO.  I left at 825am and arrived at 950am.  On the flight, several prominent basketball players were also onboard.  It was quite disappointing as they didn’t play any games which I was looking forward to on their flights.  After makeup and dressing up, my new nickname is “Suzie Wong”, a 60s sex symbol.  Everyone keep commenting on my hairdo and attire which was in red and look like a real Chinese.  Hahaha! 

Highlights of the wedding:  1.  The groom cried while reading his speech honoring his parents.  2.  The best man dropped the ring.   3.  The story about the families were so weird.  4.  The father of the groom and some of his businessmen friends, sang two songs for the couple. 

Saturday was spent having a massage, eating at the infamous Bigby’s (yummy!) and heading to the airport for the flight home.  At night, I met up with my cousin Gold and gave her the tumblers which I bought in Europe and HKG.  Gold is my cousin who collects Starbucks tumblers and at present she has roughly 120 tumblers.  I also bought a leather folio for my ipod Touch and my cousin gave me a Hamburger speakers as Christmas present.

Sunday was another busy day.. went to worship at 8am, had a luncheon birthday party for my cousin Levi, who looks like a little big man. 🙂  In the afternoon, had to prepare for the wedding reception at night.  The dinner reception was in Century Park Hotel which is owned by Lucio Tan.  So, most of the stuff served there specially the drinks should be from companies owned by Lucio Tan.  Instead of Coke, we have Virgin Red.  Instead of San Miguel Beer, we have Cors.

It’s Monday now and I’m feeling off with what I ate yesterday.  For me, it wasn’t that appetizing and it made my stomach go 360 degrees.  So, I’m just relaxing today, reading ebooks on my ipod touch and copying songs from my cousins.  Now this is the holiday which I’m supposed to be doing. 

Tomorrow, I better hit the supermarket to buy some comfort foods to bring back to China.  On Thursday, I’m heading to Hong Kong for some window shopping and on Saturday, I’m heading back to Beijing just in time for our annual Chinese New Year dinner.  Hopefully, I’ll win some raffle prizes. 🙂


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