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Starbucks Hong Kong – Mini Mugs & Tumbler

starbucks-clearStarbucks is gaining popularity in Asia and one of the things my cousins await are their new releases of city tumblers/mugs or unique and beautiful merchandise.  In my previous posts, I mentioned that one of my cousins collect tumblers while the other collect mugs.  Through the power of google, the list of people who I know and collects tumblers and mugs have increased.  When I went to Europe, I dragged along two Czech Republic tumblers for my cousin and Don and a mug from Frankfurt and Vienna to Alvin.

So, when I had time to kill during my layover in Hong Kong.  I made a beeline straight to the Starbucks shop at the transfer area of HK airport.  Lo and behold, they have the elusive Starbucks clear tumbler which was already sold out in Beijing and Manila.  They had several more of it and I grabbed two because Don and Gold wanted them.  The good thing about it, it’s on sale for HK$68.  When I went back after my stay in the Philippines a week later, it’s no longer available and it’s a shame as Gold wanted two more.

I spent the whole Friday walking at Tsim Sha Tsui and visited every Starbucks shop that I saw hunting for the clear tumbler but wasn’t able to find any.  However, they released a new set of mini-mugs.  The mini-mugs are for Stanley, Ngong Ping, The Peak and Star Ferry.   Each mini-mug cost HK$40.  I sent a message to my cousin using my ipod Touch but she said she doesn’t want one for now as she’s running out of money.  Gold doesn’t want to collect it either.  Oh well.. maybe you guys want one of them.  Here are the photos.. better grab them as they sell like hotcakes!

starbucks-ngong-ping starbucks-peak starbucks-stanley starbucks-starferry

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