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Movie Review: Next

next-movieI was hoping to watch Quantum of Solace with my friend but unluckily they already scrapped it out from the movie list at the cinema near my apartment.  As there wasn’t that much movies that are interesting, we watched “Next”.  The cast was star-studded so I thought it would be a good movie.

Next is a sci-fi thriller starring Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel.  It is loosely based on the science fiction short story The Golden Man by Philip Dick.  Nicholas Cage is Cris Johnson, a magician in Las Vegas who can predict his future 2 minutes ahead of time.  However, with Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel), he can see the future way ahead of time as long as it is connected with him or Liz.

With his extrasensory talent, the FBI would like to recruit him in helping figure out where the next bomb will explode.  The movie spans with Cris meeting Liz till seeing Liz explode as she was kidnapped by the group who’s planning to bomb the US.  Then, it went back to him asking the assistance of the FBI to free Liz from the kidnappers and succeeding.  However, the bomb exploded and the scene went back to the day when he and Liz got together.  He then telephoned the FBI that he’s willing to help them figure out where the next bomb would be.  The End?!?!

It was a very confusing film with elements of action.  In the end, it made me scratch my head as I felt cheated with how the plot went.  I wonder if there’s a part 2 because there was really no ending.  If ever there’s a part 2, I’m sure I wouldn’t watch it.  I might go crazy thinking which one is the real and which one is just the future.

Verdict: 2 out of 5.  (Plot really sucks!)


One thought on “Movie Review: Next

  1. haha i enjoy watching this movie. mababaw lang. pero yeah the ending kinda sucked. quantum of solace is harder to understand for me.

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