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2009 Chinese Holidays

holidayI didn’t get the memo from HR but if you’re planning your holidays or trips this year, try to veer away from the dates below as it would either be difficult to go around or the scenic spots are full of tourists.  Also, employees should take note when you need to go to work and when are the real holidays.

  • New Year: January 1-3, 2009.   Not much happening in BJ as this is not one of the major holidays.  Employees are expected back to work on January 4 (Sunday).
  • Chinese New Year: January 25-31, 2009.  The most important holiday for Chinese.  Bus station, train station and airports will be swamped with people a week before the big day.  Sale abound throughout the city as presents are expected to be given to relatives.  Girlfriend/boyfriend for hire ads grow rampant to appease the parent’s desire for their children to marry.  Employees need to make up two days to complete the seven days on January 24 (Saturday) and February 1 (Sunday).                               Continue reading “2009 Chinese Holidays”
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Movie Review: Red Cliff 2 (赤壁下)

red_cliffAfter 2 weeks of agonizing and looking for friends to watch this movie with me. Marco, Richard, Emerson, Liza and I watched it last night at UME International Complex near the apartment. Each ticket cost RMB 50. My only comment about the cinema is it’s small and the screen was too big from where we sat. Heh!

A lookback on what happened in Red Cliff 1 can be found through this link to my review of that movie. Red Cliff 2 features the ultimate battle between the North and the South. The battle is all because of a woman which the Prime Minister would like to have but can never have. It’s not purely a war film but also an educational experience. You will see where the Chinese acquired their love for football and drinking. The way to prepare tea and read the weather. If you’re diligent, you could probably quote “Sun Tzu’s art of war”. Mulan also came into the picture through Sun Shucai who pretended to be a soldier to spy on the enemy. Homing pigeons which was a thing of the past were also used as message carriers.

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Starbucks China turns 10

sbucks2Starbucks lovers are in for a treat as Starbucks China turns 10.  To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Starbucks rolled out their 10th anniversary tumbler, mugs and gift box.  Also, Starbucks lovers in Beijing and Tianjin will get 20% off this Friday, January 16 and Saturday, January 17 on their merchandise excluding hand crafted beverages, coffee beans and coffee passports.

So that means.. the Starbucks tumbler group lovers on multiply, should tell me to buy your faves this weekend to get 20% off.   Hahahaha!  Hey!  Any discount is always welcome!  Grab your favorite merchandise while it last!

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TV Schedule after Christmas Break

tv-finalChristmas break seem to have pass by so quick!  It seems like my life has been a flurry of meeting with friends, work or going on a holiday.  I didn’t even miss that much TV and are still catching up with the last remaining episodes of my favorite shows before they ended.   It seems like I have to catch up quickly as some of the shows are already back from Christmas break or will be back in the next couple of week.

Here’s a list of popular shows and their airing date: