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New Year.. New Resolutions

nyFirst and foremost, Happy New Year everyone.  When most of my friends are partying, I’m here with a Pinoy family celebrating new year.  We had kare-kare, crispy pata, buttered shrimps and pansit.  It was a simple meal and I really enjoyed it.

The last day of the year means work for people in China.  Traffic was less compared to Christmas.  Fireworks seems non-existent and won’t be visible not until Chinese New Year.  As for me, I was stuck with dry, hacking cough and was coughing like there’s no tomorrow.  The doctor gave me a bunch of medicine which I need to take and one of them made me too drowsy that I almost miss the New Year.

New Year is that time of the year where resolutions are usually being made.  Let’s look back at my New Year’s Resolution last year and let’s see what I’ve accomplished:

1.  Save at least 30,000 RMB in a year.  (Successful!)
2.  Run at least 15 minutes, 3 times a week.   (Ehh???)
3.  Maintain my 100 lbs weight.  (Successful!)
4.  Learn and master Mandarin.  (In the beginning..)
5.  Attend classes to learn something new.  (No luck.. 😦 )
6.  Try and find Mr. Right.  (I tried.. but somehow my Mr. Right seems to be not my Mr. Right)
7.  Go home at least once this year.  (I went home twice!  Now I’m broke.. )

This year’s New Year’s resolution will be:

1.  Save at least 45,000 RMB in a year.
2.  Get an average of 120 points in bowling.
3.  Maintain my 100 lbs weight.
4.  Learn and master Mandarin.
5.  Attend classes to learn something new.
6.  Marry my Mr. Right.
7.  Go home at least once this year.

8.  Try to go to the US for my birthday.
9.  Raise up RMB 30,000 for my emergency fund.
10.  Find alternative means of income and save up at least P100,000.
11.  Transfer my blog from wordpress to my own site.

So.. what are your new year’s resolutions?  Were you able to achieve your resolutions last year?


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