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Starbucks China – Year of the Ox

ox1Chinese New Year is just around the corner and what better way to give gifts to your loved ones is to buy Starbucks merchandise.   The coming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Ox.  Merchandise shaped like an Ox are sprouting up everywhere.  Some of them ridiculously expensive while others are dirt cheap.  Not to be left in the dust with the other shops, Starbucks came out with the Chinese New Year merchandise.

Some of them are the coin bank which is shaped like an Ox.  According to my cousin, my aunt have been collecting this coin banks for the past two years already.  She already purchased the latest one which is an Ox.  It seems like Starbucks merchandise collection runs in their family.  Another Ox merchandise is the mug.  It’s quite cute actually though I can’t remember how much it cost.  There’s also a small tumbler with the Ox design which they don’t have on the website.

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