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Starbucks China – Year of the Ox

ox1Chinese New Year is just around the corner and what better way to give gifts to your loved ones is to buy Starbucks merchandise.   The coming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Ox.  Merchandise shaped like an Ox are sprouting up everywhere.  Some of them ridiculously expensive while others are dirt cheap.  Not to be left in the dust with the other shops, Starbucks came out with the Chinese New Year merchandise.

Some of them are the coin bank which is shaped like an Ox.  According to my cousin, my aunt have been collecting this coin banks for the past two years already.  She already purchased the latest one which is an Ox.  It seems like Starbucks merchandise collection runs in their family.  Another Ox merchandise is the mug.  It’s quite cute actually though I can’t remember how much it cost.  There’s also a small tumbler with the Ox design which they don’t have on the website.

ox2The next on the new set of merchandise are the apple and tangerine mugs.  Apple and tangerines are a must for Chinese as they stand for luck and peace.  I bet apples and tangerines would be very expensive as Chinese New Year nears.  These mugs are placed in a stylish gift box ready to be given to friends and loved ones.

Another red themed set of merchandise are the New Year mugs.  There are three types of these mugs, one is white in color almost like a bowl but with a handle.  Another is shaped like a red tea mug with handle and a cover.  The third one is red in color without handle but with a cover.  My cousin asked me ox3to buy the one without a handle as it seems this ain’t available in Taiwan.

Next set of merchandise are the New Year tumblers.  If the Christmas edition glitters, the New Year edition simply dazzles.  I like the Diana like tumblers in pink and blue but they’re around RMB 180 each.  A bit pricey but hey! that’s China!  There are 6 tumblers in this edition and the regular tumblers retails from RMB 80-RMB 105.  Colors come in blue, pink, red and orange.  If I were to buy one, I’ll buy the pink or blue tumbler with a handle.

Besides the 6 tumblers, there’s also the 10th year anniversary tumbler, China edition.  According to the ox4Starbucks collectors group which I’m a part of in multiply, there’s also a 10th year anniversary tumbler in Malaysia.  I like the Malaysian one better as the China edition is a bit simple for my taste.

Then, there’s the circle design version.  This version is similar to the design they used for the planner which I’ve mentioned in the Autumn merchandise.  It’s actually warm and soothing in color and makes you want to relax.  They’re actually leaves and would be perfect for Autumn.  hahaha!

Another new design is the tree tumbler.  The tree tumbler is white in color with small trees scattered all over the tumbler.  It’s simplistic in design which is not to my taste.

Then there’s the Renew tumbler and mug, I don’t have a picture of this but it’s simple in design in white with red colors.  Red seems to be the color of the day here.  The word Renew is written on the tumbler too.

ox5 renew sbucks

That’s it for now.  If you want to purchase any of the products above and you’re from Manila, do let me know as I have a friend going home this month.   Enjoy your Starbucks!


5 thoughts on “Starbucks China – Year of the Ox

  1. hello! I’m interested to buy the new year tumbler, the blue color with silver design and the blue color with printed designs. please send price list to my email ad and intructions for payment and shipment. thanks

  2. I would like to purchase the plain red mug with the chinese symbol on it. Can you let me know how ?

  3. I need to check if it’s still available. I’ll send you an email. Whereabouts in Australia are you? I better check if my friend will be going this April.

  4. Claudine, in your picture with the 6 different tumblers pictured, do you have any idea if there is a way to get ahold of the second from the left? My wife bought it when we lived in HK and the Ox is her year. Hers broke this year and I would love to surprise her with a new one. Think this is a possibility by any stretch of the imagination? Thanks!

  5. Jesse,

    Hi! I’m not sure if I can still find that tumbler. You could probably try taobao (china’s ebay) or ebay. Moreover, it will be a bit pricey. 😦

    Cheers, Claudine

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