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2009 Chinese Holidays

holidayI didn’t get the memo from HR but if you’re planning your holidays or trips this year, try to veer away from the dates below as it would either be difficult to go around or the scenic spots are full of tourists.  Also, employees should take note when you need to go to work and when are the real holidays.

  • New Year: January 1-3, 2009.   Not much happening in BJ as this is not one of the major holidays.  Employees are expected back to work on January 4 (Sunday).
  • Chinese New Year: January 25-31, 2009.  The most important holiday for Chinese.  Bus station, train station and airports will be swamped with people a week before the big day.  Sale abound throughout the city as presents are expected to be given to relatives.  Girlfriend/boyfriend for hire ads grow rampant to appease the parent’s desire for their children to marry.  Employees need to make up two days to complete the seven days on January 24 (Saturday) and February 1 (Sunday).                               Continue reading “2009 Chinese Holidays”