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Cast of Amazing Race Season 14

To all ye Amazing Race fans, mark your calendar as Amazing Race Season 14 will begin on February 15, 8pm EST or for folks in the other side of the world February 16.  This year’s cast composed of the usual, mundane groups such as siblings, dating couples, married couples, all female beauties (cheerleader & flight attendants) and parent/child.  The reason why I say it’s usual and mundane coz after following the show since season 1, they seem to have a standard type of people that they usually choose.

Let’s meet the cast this season starting off with:

  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Tammy & Victor – siblings of Asian descent, litigation lawyers and graduate of Harvard Law.  They are smart but with two lawyers in the group would they fight their way to the finish line or be able to create a plan to outsmart the rest of the teams?  (Maybe they could speak several languages like the girl in season 10!  That would be a plus!)
  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Mark & Michael – brothers and stuntmen.  They seem to be physically fit but this race is not just physical but also emotional and mental.  Their bio said they’re mentally capable due to their jobs and can make split second decision.  They certainly are risk takers so we’ll see if they make the correct decisions to finish this race.
  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Lakisha & Jennifer – young, former athletes, with opposite type of personalities.  Will they be able to work together and win the race?  Opposite attracts right?  I hope they can deal with stress and pressure and get their acts straight and who knows maybe become the first all-girl team to win the race.
  • Margie & Luke – mother and son.  It seems we have another group with THE AMAZING RACE 14disability similar to season 10.  In this season, Luke is born deaf.  However, the bond between mother and son is stronger as ever.  Distraction won’t be a problem as the only way to communicate to Luke would either be through sign language or paper and pen.  I sure would love to see them win just to show everyone that people with disabilities shouldn’t be frowned upon.
  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Mel & Mike – father and son.  We have two parent/child team this season and this two doesn’t look like the most athletic team in the race.  Their bio described them as witty and outgoing.  Maybe they’ll pattern the hippies in Season 9 but let’s see if their liveliness will help them win the race!
  • Linda & Steve – married for 17 years.  Linda is analytical and THE AMAZING RACE 14Steve is practical.  A thinker and a doer, I hope they know how to balance it.  Both are well-traveled and has been to one adventure after another.  Being married for more than a decade will give them an edge against newly dating couples as they know each other quirks already.  They don’t seem to be that physically fit but who knows!
  • Brad & Victoria – married for 9 years.  Another team with one member THE AMAZING RACE 14who has physical disability.  Victoria was born with hip dysplasia and a recent surgery told her that she could never run again.  Her husband Brad on the other hand is as physically fit as ever.  I hope there won’t be a lot of foot race in this event as they would be in a disadvantage.  Who knows though, they still might go far in this race.
  • Cara & Jaime – friends.  We had beauty queens in season 10.  Now we have former NFL cheerleaders.  The group seem to possess THE AMAZING RACE 14beauty, brain and brawn as one of them is planning to be a law student while the other is a former police officer.  One has a strong character and the other is a pacifist.  Hopefully, the pacifist won’t pacify anyone too much as it’s never good to be too much of a goody-goody.  Either follow the beauty queens as their role model or Rachel & TK (Season 12 winners) who are just easygoing.
  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Christie & Jodi – friends and flight attendants.  With 25 years of combined traveling experience, this race should be a piece of cake in terms of flight information and route information.  However, will it really be enough to get them through the race?  They seem physically fit to me but I hope they’re not the typical flight attendants that I usually encounter who are all looks with no brains (I’m not implying anything just an observation)
  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Jennifer & Preston – dating for nearly two years.  A nursing student and a software engineer.  A laid back guy and an outspoken woman.  In the span of two years, they’ve broken up and got back together.  Will they be the destructive and always fighting group this season?  We usually get one or two of those each season.  Hopefully, by the end of the race, they would know what they would like to do with their relationship even if they don’t win.
  • THE AMAZING RACE 14Amanda & Kris – Dating for three years.  A communications student and a sales representative.  Both joined the race to create more memories before they take their relationship to the next level.  I hope it would be beautiful memories as this race brings out the worse of everyone when the pressure and stress gets too tough.  Both are outspoken, stubborn and friendly which they hope will help them win the race.

So.. seems like no gay or lesbian couples.  We have more families right now.  Hopefully, one of either the family relationship team or all-female team wins.  No male team or dating couple please!  Hahaha!  I wonder which exotic destinations they’ll head to right now.  It makes me want to plan my next adventure!


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