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Valentines Day in Beijing

February 14 is Valentines Day or 情人节(Qing Ren Jie) for most western countries.  In China, this used to be just an ordinary day as they also have their own Valentines Day but now, it seems like everybody’s celebrating it.  So, how did I spend my Valentines?

This year, I’m seeing someone but I’m not really sure if we are really in a boy/girlfriend relationship or just good friends.  It never was so clear but I’m still hoping that I would receive something from him.  In any case, I just received a text message from him saying Happy Valentines Day and sweet dreams.  Hey that’s a start right, but it ended there.  I woke up around 9am and just laze around the apartment.  I finished all my laundry and cook my lunch.  I feel so lifeless as if I realized that there’s nothing between us.  I lost my appetite and just had snacks for dinner.  I watched Caregiver and Sex in the City then went to bed.  Pretty lame for a romantic day.

In any case, this year, Beijing people tend to celebrate Valentines Day with flowers, chocolates and dinner.  For flowers, it’s not just 3 roses to say I love you but it’s either 1 rose saying “You’re my only one” or 12 roses or the most common, 99 roses.  I’m not kidding when I say it’s 99 roses as I really counted them last year when one of my colleagues received it from her boyfriend.  Dinner in fancy restaurants and hotels usually cost around 400 rmb per couple and up.  Ferrero Rocher chocolates are a hit even though they cost around 30 rmb for a 6 piece pack.

So.. if you’re into romance and shelling out some cash.. celebrate Valentines Day in Beijing.  If you want to celebrate it twice, join the Chinese as they celebrate Qi Qiao Jie on August 26, 2009.   Happy Hearts Day!