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House – Season 5, Episode 20

kutnerI know this is a week late but I feel that the message should be sent out to everyone.  This episode of House is truly a shocking one, not just for the characters but also for the viewers.  It really put a twist to the season and made me realize something about life.  The patient which usually comes first becomes last in this episode.

The Patient

The show started with a scene of a guy who has only a few weeks to live and his wife saying their last goodbyes.  However, in a twist of fate, the wife suddenly had difficulty breathing.  Next scene, the team were discussing about the case and the patient wishing to be released to be with her husband.  Taub, with his brilliant idea, brought the husband to her side.  As she found out that they were releasing her, she faked a symptom, which House later found out.   However, when House confronted her, she had a real attack which hit her liver and needs her to have a transplant.  The husband was willing to donate a part of his liver to prolong her life and give enough time to the doctors to find out what’s wrong with her but when they did, it was too late.  The disease was caused by sandflies from her secret trip to Rio.  While conducting the test to check if they’re compatible, they were able to find out a cure to her husband’s sickness.

Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Dr. Kutner is an American-Indian young man who brings weird ideas to the team.  He’s the type of doctor who you’d like to hang out with and exudes life.  He comes out to everyone as a fun-loving man who always seem jolly and happy with his life.  He usually connives with Dr. Taub and helps each other out.

When he didn’t come in at 12nn as Dr. Taub hinted, House asked them to find out what’s taking him a long time to come to work.  Number 13 and Foreman went to his apartment to find a very cold, bloody body of Dr. Kutner.  Lying beside him is a gun and on his temple, a single gunshot wound.  Everyone was shocked about his suicide as nobody had a hint about his plans.

House in his puzzle loving adventures think that Kutner didn’t commit suicide but was murdered.  Taub focused on his job and try to cure the patient.  Foreman closed himself off to deal with his problem and #13 was trying to console herself alone because her boyfriend wants to be by himself.

Everyone went to his funeral except for House and Taub.  House with his puzzle still unsolved stormed his way to Kutner’s apartment trying to find clues but only end up with a picture of Kutner that wasn’t smiling.  Taub, after his patient passed away, was seen in the hallway crying.

My insights

I was shocked with the way the story go.  Kutner killing himself is not something that I would have imagined.  Just like the cast, it wasn’t in his nature to kill himself.  His nature remind me of an old friend of mine during Sunday school.  He was funny, the person who always make people smile but in one of our classes, he admitted that his fun outlook is just a facade.  Hiding behind this facade is a lonely person who uses laughter as an escape to whatever problems he was facing.

People deal with pain in different ways.  Some lashes out, drinks, cries, hide behind a happy facade, broods or the worst, commits suicide.  For me, I deal with pain by hiding behind a happy facade.  I cry behind close doors or write whatever I’m feeling just to let it all out.  I’ve never contemplated suicide as I can’t bring myself to actually cause myself pain.  The best way to deal with pain is to open up with someone.  It’s easier said than done especially for people who tend to be loners.

I try to change but it’s difficult.  Right now, I’m a bit down.  Watching American Idol and Danny Gokey singing Endless Love made me want to cry.  I’ve shared a bit to a friend of mine but it still hurts.  I hope the pain goes away soon.  I hope life goes back to normal.  In any case, for every pain that you’ve experienced, there’s a life lesson learned.


4 thoughts on “House – Season 5, Episode 20

  1. i don’t know why they killed Kutner.. as for spoiling House.. I’m already a week delayed for that.. that’s last week’s episode.. 😛

  2. My personal Favorite house episodes are:

    10. Frozen
    9. Maternity
    8. Son of Coma Guy
    7. Fetal Position
    6. DNR
    5. Damned If You Do
    4. Euphoria Parts 1 & 2
    3. House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart
    2. Lines in the Sand
    1. Pilot

    I watched them all here House Episodes

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