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Side Hustle 3: Selling on eBay or Amazon

Buying low and selling high is one of the old ways to earn money. Since were in the 20th century, the former way of peddling your goods in the street went on an upgrade and became selling online. Nowadays, there are several sites which you could sell your goods depending what your market is. For me, I opted for Ebay and Amazon.

One thing you should know if you sell on eBay or Amazon is you have to add the percentage they deduct to the price of your goods. eBay deducts 10% on the total amount of the good plus shipping (i.e. Goods ($10) + shipping ($5) = eBay ($1.5). Amazon on the other hand have different rates for the different types of goods.

What did I sell? Starbucks mugs specifically the sign language mug on eBay. Filipino groceries on Amazon and eBay. Where do I get the products? My boyfriend at that time was able to get the sign language mug so he’s the one who shipped it when we get sales. As I was living in California at that time, it was easy for me to get Filipino groceries. At the same time, several of my aunts went back to the Philippines and brought back some goods for me.

Is it profitable? It was profitable but do not leave your main job just yet. Finding a product that will give you a good return is a bit difficult. In any case, I will continue this just to get my steps to the grocery and post office as well as to make my fellow Filipinos happy to get their comfort foods.

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